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    GWOnline.Net Member Kilme's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Notorious BOB View Post
    Always remember that with 5e & 10e skills, having your expertise as high as 12 isn't gaining you hardly anything. In fact it only makes 10e skills cost 1 less energy than if you had your expertise at 9!

    So thats 49 attribute points (assuming no runes) that you could allocate elsewhere.
    Yeah, but for that build there isn't much else to do with my points. I could add more Marks, but it's already at 13, so more points wouldn't help that much. I also stuck the points there to help out Lightning Reflexes. I wouldn't put them in Wilderness either, since I'd only gain a second or two on Apply Poison, which I don't think is worth it.

    I suppose I could take out the points, and shove them into Prot, then substitute Antidote Sig for Mending Touch. It may even knock a second off of Rebirth.

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    My build is pretty straightforward:
    Marksmanship - 12+1+3
    Expertise - 12+1
    Wilderness Survival - 3+1
    Savage shot
    Distracting Shot
    Lightning Reflexes
    Antidote signet
    Troll unguent
    "I am the strongest!"
    Just spam barrage till your fingers hurt , went through Nightfall and EoTN with this build , If you want to complicate , take a piont or two from marksmanship , put expertise at 9 and put splinter weapon , high dps with no worries

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    GWOnline.Net Member Notorious BOB's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Malhavoc Adhamar View Post
    This is what I've been using these days.


    Exp: 2+1
    WS: +1
    Marks: +1

    Keeps those HM casters quiet majority of the time

    and Finish Him is freakin' awesome!!!!

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    Malhavoc Adhamar's Avatar

    Jade Quarry

    Blinkie Ponie Armie [BPA]

    Quote Originally Posted by Notorious BOB View Post
    Finish Him is freakin' awesome!!!!
    Yes, yes it is.

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    GWOnline.Net Member beldeti's Avatar

    Marks 16
    Exp 13

    Keen Arrow
    Ebon Sin
    Read the Wind / Volley
    Distracting Shot
    Broad Head Arrow (e)
    "Finish Him!"
    Pain Inverter
    Rebirth / Lightning Reflexes

    Two-target shutdown:Ebon Sin + BHA on one, then Pain Inverter on another (esp. AOE enemy).

    This is an NM build though, I'll try out Malhavoc Adamar's skillbar when going for Guardian/Vanquisher.
    Last edited by beldeti; 08-05-2008 at 05:14.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kendel's Avatar

    Yeah i feel compelled to never take Finish Him off my Rangers bar. Same goes with Dwarf... and Prep Shot to fuel them...

    My general build is Prep Shot w/ RtW. Build i used for Guardian/Vanquisher was the glorious Smoke Trapper.

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    [build name="Jair's PvE Ranger Build" box prof=Ranger/Monk desc="Weapon : Sundering Longbow of Fortitude" {br} Expertise=11+1 Marksmanship=10+1+1 WildernessSurvival=10+1 ][BHA][Savage Shot][finish him][pain inverter][apply poison][great dwarf armor][troll unguent][rebirth][/build]

    This is what I've been using lately. I use Radiant Insignia's on my armor.
    I've given up Ursan for this build

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I put this together to run with 3 Discord Necro's.

    Expertise 12+2+1
    Beast Mastery 12+1
    Curses 3

    "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
    Ferocious Strike
    Call of Haste
    Comfort Animal
    Charm Animal
    Sunspear Rebirth Signet

    Still testing it, but the basic idea is keep Conditions on all targets, use Necrosis for damage, and really the Pet stuff is just for fun, though Ferocious Strike helps keep Energy up (if my pet gets a hit off before all of the enemies are dead).

    I've tweaked my Necro bars to provide complete Hex coverage, Minions, and two N/Rt healers.

    When I wanna play a real Ranger, I go BHA w/ Penetrating + Sundering, Savage, "I am the strongest" and "Finish Him".

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    GWOnline.Net Member GWBD's Avatar

    i got:
    slot huntershot
    poisiontip signet
    charm animal - white moa (name chocobow)
    res signet
    storm chaser
    troll unguent

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    GWOnline.Net Member shanaya's Avatar


    Marksmanship 16
    Expertise 13

    At the start of any attack these go up first:

    Dwarven Stability - at Deldrimor R10 gives me 30 seconds where any stance lasts 100% longer
    ...and here's the stance:
    Lightening Reflexes - 20 seconds of 33% IAS, plus good chance to block melee and projectile attacks

    Broadhead Arrow - daze that caster
    Epidemic - and his neighbours
    Volley - interrupt the dazed group
    Distracting Shot - more interrupt
    Savage Shot - and still more
    Throw Dirt - for those pesky melee types that break through

    I've given up taking a resurrect as I mostly do HM and mostly go H/H, with the hero's rezzes micro-managed. If there's a problem as a result of over-aggro'ing then rather than trying to resurrect party members I prefer to just take the party wipe, as the DP can usually be worked off quickly.

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