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    General Build (jack-of-all-trade type build):

    Barrage (for quick spammable attack as well as partial AoE)
    Savage Shot (for interupting the odd heal sig/troll ungent)
    Apply Poison (when physical damage just doesnt seem to get you anywhere)
    Troll Ungent (self heal)
    Storm Chaser (when you need to run away)
    Throw Dirt (against the pesky melee types)
    Res Sig
    Signet of Capture
    (possible to take off last two skills and put in your pet)

    Note: Barrage and Poison dont stack; they are there for different situations.

    Barrage Pet Build:
    Dust Trap
    Flame Trap
    Choking Gas (or interupt: savage shot, distract etc)
    Charm Pet
    Comfort Pet
    Spirit (Winnow, FW or EoE)
    Res Sig

    General Purpose BP build with everything you need for a bp group: a partial interrupt (choke gas), spirit, traps, barrage and pet.

    Trapper Build
    Spike Trap
    Healing Spring (or Troll Ungent)
    Spirit (QZ, EW)
    Res Sig

    This build works pretty well for me but doesnt have an evade for aggressive trapping; consider swapping a trap for whirling defence.

    My first PvE build (from Beta weekends)
    Distract Shot/Power Shot/Hunters Shot
    Dual Shot
    Ignite Arrows
    Troll Ungent
    Storm Chaser
    Charm Animal
    Comfort animal
    Res Sig

    We come a long way... since the AI AoE change...

    Looking for a build with Marksman Wager.

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    if only you could stack preperations on to barrage, you would see so many more poison, kindle, ignite rangers out there. it would be fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelderion
    if only you could stack preperations on to barrage, you would see so many more poison, kindle, ignite rangers out there. it would be fun
    It would be so overpowered....an example barrage + ignte arrows ( per target to be multiplied by 6 for total damage output )

    base dmg 15 - 28
    barrage bonus 13
    ignite damage 15
    ignite damage from adjacent foes 5 x 15

    total per target: 131 max damage ( about every 2 to 3 seconds )
    total damage output 393 dps would be quite a challenge to enemy monks...

    you would be able easily to increase damage even further with weapon spells and/or nature rituals....

    There could be some errors in calculations as I made them very quickly but anyway.. point: TOO overpowered

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    I've been experimenting with something I call an Archer build.

    Marksmanship 12 + 1 + 2 = 15
    Expertise 11 + 1 = 12
    Wilderness Survival 4 + 1 = 5
    Protection Prayers 1

    Read the Wind
    Power Shot
    Point Blank Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Savage Shot
    other bow attack or Capture Signet, maybe an Elite later
    Troll Ungent

    Read the Wind right before a fight and then Point Blank Shot to get closer, which minimises arrow flight time and makes it easier to interrupt (with a good feel for monster casting patterns you can even interrupt 1/4 second cast skills like Reversal of Fortune).

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    Marks 9 (+1)
    Expertise 12 (+1+3)
    WS 9 (+1)
    Illusion 3
    Domination 6

    Apply Poison
    Crippling Shot
    Hunter's Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Res Sig

    Conditions and interrupts, what do you need more?
    I love being the annoying backline supporter ^^
    Although it's more a pvp build, it works pretty well in pve and it's just fun to play.

    Also played as a trapper recently, always fun to deal massive damage!

    WS 12 (+1+3)
    Expertise 12 (+2)

    Serpent's Quickness
    Whirling def
    Storm chaser (or res sig)

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    Bunny Stabber ... O_o
    Full Druids with armor+10(preperation) body
    Expertise: 13
    Wilderness Survival: 10
    Dagger Mastery: 12

    Jagged Strike
    Wild Strike
    Death Blossom
    Blades of Steel
    Apply Poison
    Deaths Charge/Troll Unguent/Lightning Reflexes
    Res Signet

    Kinda speaks for itself...

    Apply -> Jagged -> Wild -> Blossom -> Jagged ->Wild -> Blades
    Nice pressure, nice dmg... yea
    Escape is a nice skill, might replace it with Shattering Assault[E] when Nightfall comes out.
    The 7th slot is a free slot, I prefer Death Charge, it can suprise your enemy very well.

    Mainly used for RA/TA/AB/FA etc.

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    Been playing with Beastmaster lately...

    Been using these for the past couple weeks, and enjoying the heck outta it. I'm sure for many rangers (and all BMs) this is very much a BTDT.

    RTW(1) or Bestial Fury(2) or Call of Haste(3) or Choking Gas
    Troll's Unguent
    Distracting Shot
    Comfort Animal
    Call of Protection
    Enraged Lunge (Elite)
    Tiger's Fury or Brutal Strike(4)
    Charm Animal

    (1) 10 BM, 9 Exp, 9 WS, 15 Marks
    (2) 12 BM, 12 Exp, 8 WS, 9 Marks (missing a rune)
    (3) 15 BM, 9 Exp, 8 WS, 10 Marks (missing a rune)

    Obviously, 3 builds here - (1) is trying for damage by using RTW for DPS, and Enraged for Spike. TF will stay up almost continuously, further increasing DPS and makes interrupting easier. TF also disables Comfort/Charm, so you only need a 10 to get your +80. I initially wasn't bringing COP, but I've found it makes the fights a lot easier, since Kenny can tank.

    Build (2) is going more for spike damage. Using Bestial Fury and Tigers' Fury so that every 5-6 seconds you can use ER and do (base + 80) damage. All you're there for is to call targets and interrupt.

    Build (3) I've just started playing with. Rather than try for 2 heavy spikes, try to do the same damage more often for more damage. I'm honestly not sure how this one will work - a lot of targets have heavy armor, which is where ER shines - I'm doing 4 damage, his normal attacks are doing 4, then 84. It may be that using Brutal Strike is better, at which point...

    Build (4): Change out Tiger's Fury. You are now using 2 special attacks every 5 seconds, either Brutal Strike or Enraged Lunge. COH may be unnecessary.

    Anyhow, just some ideas from a new BM. I brought my pet all the way from Pre-sear, but stopped using him somewhere over near Droknar. I didn't find a lot of skills I liked in Factions, but I figured Kenny would like to see the new continent - and I was right. I've never really been a BM - I brought 2-3 skills and a 10 BM for him. But I like being the main damage dealer, which I find funny since my build before this was the CG+PS+TF build, which changes the dynamic a lot. Instead of stopping the spells, I just try to kill them before they get more of them off.

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    these skills i use in every non BM build - troll, whirling, res, distracting shot

    been using normal barrage build (marks 16, ws 10, exp 10) when team requires damage (barrage, throw dirt, FW, savage shot)... otherwise i use Broad Head arrow + epidemic (R/Me) + interrupts, read the wind. lately i have been using a BM tanking build that works quite well (Enraged Lunge, Predatory Bond, Call of Haste, Symbiotic Bond, etc). i dont use any monk skills except when i go /Mo for rebirth.

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    GWOnline.Net Member cypher's Avatar

    Idk exactly what my build was but ehm.. here goes

    expertise 13
    marksmanship 16

    1 power shot
    2 penetrating attack
    3 debilitation shot
    4 concussion shot
    5 distracting shot
    6 Marksmans wager
    7 w/e
    8 w/e

    basically just spam the first 5 and put 6 on whenever possible

    been thinking about this one:

    1 [E] Burning arrow
    2 hunters shot
    3 distracting shot
    4 kindle arrows/apply poison/read the wind
    5 troll unguent/whirling
    6 epidemic
    7 w/e
    8 w/e

    idea is just to use burning arrow and when your enemy is nearby other enemys you use epidemic to give them burning as well.. dont know if this build will work since I havent capped burning arrow yet :(
    Last edited by cypher; 02-11-2006 at 21:06.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Beomagi's Avatar

    marks - 16
    expertise - 13
    wilderness (rest for 5 pip troll)

    Read the wind
    dodge or barbed trap (surprise for melee)

    my beast master doesnt use symbyosis anymore. I've found it detrimental to my health, even when using 2 heals at times.

    serpent's quickness/predator's pounce/maiming strike.
    Enraged lunge
    Call of haste
    pretatory bond
    Call of prot
    charm animal
    confort animal
    healing signet/trollunguent

    sq to speed up using enraged lunge. With it on you can hit for enraged lunge every other hit. can use predators for damage/better healing, or maiming to snare if necessary.

    Hero ranger - I've found hero builds need to be simple. They REALLY dont use skills well - e.g. Koss with steady stance and drunken blow will always use drunken/desperate blow without using steady stance. Hero ranger did not use timered attack skills like quickshot very well.

    mark of rodgert, glyph of lesser energy
    poison arrow
    kindle arrows
    screaming shot
    distracting shot
    troll unguent

    she does not always use mark of rodgort, hence the excess degen, though that extra degen works fantastic on those level 28 bosses with sick natural regen.

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