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    Blade and Rose, Edit Conflict

    Burning Arrow, Distracting Shot, Savage Shot, Apply Poison, Troll Unguent, Screaming Shot, Throw Dirt, Death Pact Signet.

    I wanna go BM but Marksmanship elites are to fuuuuuuuunn.

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    GWOnline.Net Member atjous's Avatar

    best of both worlds, as far as I'm concerned:

    Druid's Suit, mainly because it looks cool!

    Sever Artery, Gash, Serpent's Quickness, Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Flame Trap, Apply Poison, Troll's Unguent.
    This one works fine with Heroes and henchies, as long as you keep them out of aggro during the trapping bit. Use that flag!

    Here we go:
    1. SQ, then place one or two lines of traps, behind each other; a minefield, so to speak.
    2. Apply Poison;
    3. Lure the mob with a longbow, then step back, all the way to where the flag is; release the Heroes and henchies. Watch your trapping handy work go off! Fun!
    4. Switch to Poisonous Flamberge, change to tank, basically;
    5. Clear the mob. No problem, but:
    6. If necessary, trap offensively, Dust Trap first.

    Same tactics with a PuG, then I leave the Dust Trap home, and bring the Rez Sig.
    Much harder though, mainly because not much group members get the idea of trapping, and go in for some good old slashing, while the trapping work is not even remotely finished. In those cases, I stand back and try to protect the casters and healers with small minefields...

    Try it! It works really well!
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    Apply Poison/Burning Arrow/Screaming Shot build



    Other skills tend to change depending on location, most of the time
    Rez/Sunspear Signet - Troll Unguent - Whirling Defense - Cap sig/Lightning Reflexes - Throw Dirt

    Build I use on Hero Rangers most of the time:
    Magebane Shot/Broadhead Arrow
    Savage Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Leech Signet
    Lightning Reflexes
    Disrupting Accuracy
    Troll Unguent
    Rez Signet

    Depending on BHA, higher Expertise or not. They interrupt so nicely with this build :) BHA on the Drought and fully targetting him and he could even use a single spell. Didn't even need Winter to get masters then.

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    Having fun with this:

    exp 16/Marks 13/slop in wilderness

    Burning arrow, penetrating, sundering, distracting, apply poison, fav winds, whirling def, res

    Using flatbow so I can keep my distance from the demons. I can spam bow attacks until the cows come home. My companion in the wilderness is often an illusionist mesmer using fragility - so the fact that burning and poison have a shorter duration is fully intentional :D

    Edit: Oh the whirling spot I sometimes take unguent - though I find in Torment that if I am in enough trouble to need unguent, I am just prolonging my misery (and slowed down, and spiked)...however evasion I find does save my life and allow me to flee.
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    GWOnline.Net Member PuppyEater's Avatar

    Poisen Arrow, Focused Shot, Savage Shot, Read the Wind, Natural Stride, Trolls, (Random skill), (res based on my secondary)

    12 Marks +2
    9 Wilderness +1
    9 Expertice +1
    3 Beastmastery
    1 (The attribute that buffs the res im useing)

    I usually use either charm animal for when in training my pet or use healing spring in the random spot when Iím partied with a group of rather stupid (because they take craploads of damage) or smart (because they actually stay in the trap and give the monks a break) group

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    prepared shot[E]
    Penatratin attack
    debilitating shot
    savage shot
    whilrling defence
    troll u

    lots of damage, lots of energy, lots of fun

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    Marksmanship = 13
    Wilderness Survival = 10
    Expertiise = 9
    Illusion Magic = 8

    1. Conjure Phantasm
    2. Epidemic
    3. Whirling Defense
    4. Focused Shot
    5. Poison Arrow
    6. Barbed Arrows
    7. Troll Unguent
    8. Ressurection Signet

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    GWOnline.Net Member wpboyce's Avatar

    markmanship 9+3
    expertise 10+2
    wilderness 10
    fire 8

    2 distratingshot
    3 savageshot
    4 whirlingdef
    5troll u
    6gyph of energy
    7rogurt mark
    8 rez sig or such
    use firery bowstring
    use hex on group of badies and bang group burning with good bow damage and also and distrating shot for warriors and savage for magic

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    GWOnline.Net Member Caxixi's Avatar

    This is what has been on my skill bar for the past few weeks, only changing on specific request in a PUG. Created directly after the change to Heal As One.


    Max Beast Mastery
    9 in Earth Magic to wield a Green Earth Staff E+5 H+30
    Rest in Expertise

    I'm a double major rune user. One in my BM mask and a major expertise on my armor, but you could go with a superior BM rune too.

    Poisonous Bite
    Predator's Pounce
    Brutal Strike
    Predatory Bond
    Symbiotic Bond
    Heal as One [Elite]
    Charm Animal
    Res Sig

    It's fun, moderately damaging, allows me to pack a res, and has a hint of risk.


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    GWOnline.Net Member Kendel's Avatar

    Punishing Shot (E)
    Distracting Shot
    Savage Shot
    Marauders Shot
    Read the Wind
    Troll Unguent
    Storm Chaser/Lightbringers Gaze (Jin = FW, Marge = Winno)
    Res Signet

    Marks = 16
    Exp = 9
    WS = 11

    Might just drop the WS all together and bring Whirling Defences and max out Expertise.

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