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    GWOnline.Net Member andrewf's Avatar

    R/Mo Barrage

    Live VIcariously
    Vigorous Spirit
    Throw Dirt
    Lightning Reflex
    Dryder's Defense
    Whirling Defense
    Storm Chaser

    R/E Shockwave Trapper
    Barb Trap
    Dust trap
    flame Trap
    serpent's quickness
    Whirling Defense
    Lightning Reflex
    Troll / Storm chaser

    R/n Toucher build
    R/Me crip shot
    R/W Bunny Thumper
    R/X BM Build

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    GWOnline.Net Member Great Noz's Avatar


    Marksmanship: 11+1
    Expertise: 10+4
    Wilderness Survival: 10+1

    Runes: Superior Expertise, minor wilderness survival, minor markmansip,

    Punishing Shot [E]
    Savage Shot
    Concussion Shot
    Read the Wind
    Troll Unguent
    Whirling Defense
    [Free Slot]

    I run an interupt build my high expertise keep my energy cost low, Read the wind keeps my arrows flying faster and doing more dammage, Troll unguent heals, Whirling Defense keeps me alive and helps the monks have to worry less about me, Punishing shot [E] is a nice interupt as well as a dmg skill, Savage shot does its job.

    one thing i like about this build is when fighting a spell caster i can interupt them with concussion shot, hit flurry every 5 seconds and they have a hard time recovering from it works well in PVP too also since i wear sentry's armor i can keep flurry up and have an extra 10 armor all the time combined with my +5 armor bow and im not an easy target to kill. this build works almost everywhere and when i can i use it over the standard barage spam.

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    GWOnline.Net Member manbearpig's Avatar

    R/N- Spiker/wells
    R/E- Spiker/wards
    R/Mo- Spiker/martyr
    R/W- Spiker with Frenzy, Watch Yourself!, Shields Up!
    R/Me- Spiker with Cry of Frustration for anti-spike (i.e. those damn Saltspray Dragons or those Fungal Wallows)

    or a standard 3 trap trapper

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    call of haste
    call of protection
    predator's pounce
    poisenous bite
    predatory bond
    enraged lunge

    beast master=16

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    r/mo Barrage

    1. Barrage
    2. Needling Shot
    3. Marauder's Shot
    4. Bestial Fury
    5. Tiger's Fury
    6. Favorable Winds
    7. Troll Unguent
    8. Rebirth

    9 Beast (minor)
    14 Exp (sup)
    4 Wild (minor)
    14 Marks (sup)

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I tend to alter between some type of Barrage build and the one below:

    1. Tigers Fury
    2. Kindle Arrows (this is the skill I switch out if I feel the need of anything else)
    3. Troll Ungent
    4. Enraged Lunge
    5. Call of haste
    6. Comfort
    7. Charm
    8. Res

    I think I have these stats:

    Beast Mastery 12
    Expertise 12 or 13
    Wilderness 11 or 12
    Marksmanship 10

    This is the build I play the most at the moment. On my own I can deal ok damage through Tigers Fury with Kindle Arrows. I have one Zealous (?) shortbow with piercing damage and + armor, one Vampiric shortbow (+4 life stealing) with + armor, and one sundering longbow with + health.
    With the superb spike damage every fifth second from Enraged Lunge, it's a build that can deal some nice damage, and it's fun to play. Call of haste, I never do a Beastmaster build without it!
    I also decided to stay at 12 in BM, because you'll get max bonus from Enraged anyway, and 12 is the sweetspot for 10 seconds of Tigers Fury. Also I didn't want to cripple my own damage to much by giving up points from marksmanship/wilderness.

    BTW, I still have my first and only pet as my companion, a huge hearty Strider, charmed in pre-searing! :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member xXBinaryXx's Avatar

    Couldnt tell you the build off my head as Im at work, but its essentially a BM build as I got a crab and am trying to level it up. Currently its only just got to lvl14.

    Otherwise I use a BP build as my ranger is more often than not playing in TOTPK.

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    Aurora Glade

    GWOnline [GWO]


    1. Predator's Pounce (sometimes changed to Distracting Shot or Rebirth)
    2. Ferocious Strike {E}
    3. Feral Lunge (sometimes changed to Poisenous Bite)
    4. Call of Haste
    5. Call of Protection
    6. Comfort Animal
    7. Charm Animal
    8. Troll Unguent

    Beastmaster: 14 (12+1+1, don't have a sup rune yet)
    Expertise: 10 (9+1)
    Wilderness: 10 (9+1)
    Marksmanship: 4 (3+1)

    I don't put a lot of points in marksmanship, because I don't use my bow to do damage. I only take a bow with me if I bring Distracting Shot, otherwise I use a +15 energy staff.


    1. Distracting Shot
    2. Punishing Shot {E}
    3. Savage Shot
    4. (any skill I want to try out)
    5. Apply Poison
    6. Read the Wind
    7. Rebirth
    8. Troll Unguent

    Beastmaster: 4 (3+1)
    Expertise: 10 (9+1)
    Wilderness: 10 (9+1)
    Marksmanship: 16 (12+1+3)

    These days I also use a combination beastmaster/interrupter build,

    1. Distracting Shot
    2. Punishing Shot {E}
    3. Savage Shot
    4. Poisenous Bite
    5. Comforat Animal
    6. Charm Animal
    7. Rebirth
    8. Troll Unguent

    This one uses the same attribute layout as the full beastmaster build. Again, the bow doesn't do the damage.
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    GWOnline.Net Member FireballX's Avatar

    W/R Tanking Barrager. Yes. Woo. Considering I dont use a ranger primary.

    Zealous bow a requirement.

    Barrage (e)
    Favorable Winds
    Signet of Strength
    Dolyak Signet
    Watch Yourself
    Bonetti's Defense
    Endure Pain
    Healing Signet

    ^^ More gimmicky than anything, Triple Chop works better, but this worked very well at Kuunavang.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    15 Marksmanship, 13 Expertise

    I'm using Ironwing, but I'd prefer any flatbow with elemental/vampiric damage and +30 health, so long as it's a flatbow.

    1. Punishing Shot
    2. Distracting Shot
    3. Read the Wind
    4. Frenzy
    5. Throw Dirt
    6. Whirling Defense
    7. Signet of Capture
    8. Signet of Resurrection

    This build is far from ready, but then my ranger is far from having the best weapons, elites, skills etc. The point is, with positive health count and the superb range of a flatbow, I can Frenzy away as much as I like. A constant 33% speed increase is very visible in higher damage, and the interruptions are universally good in almost any area. The build has high defense when needed with Whirling Defense (which I need very rarely), and the object of Throw Dirt is mainly to just buy the healers and casters some time as they're beset by melee.

    It's just too simple.

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