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    Quickshot/ Marksmans wager (for energy)
    Forked arrow
    Dual shot
    Weaken armor/ Whirling
    Mark of Pain*
    *Im not sure if this causes AoE scatter (Even if it does this build is still a usable PvP build).
    Note: I havent worked out the atribute points for this yet but, definatly 12 curses.

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    Since I'm only level 9 and I still haven't gotten anywhere near yak's bend My Build is nowhere near finished but here is what I have so far along with my plan.
    Beast Mastery,Expertise,Wilderness Survival all at 4 with a +1 to Beast Mastery from my Mask.
    The Remaining points are divided into my 4 weapon skills as needed by my weapons. I need 3 more points for swordsmanship to be on par with my weapon.

    My current Skills are as follows:
    Slot 1:Frenzy - Works Even with the Bow
    Slot 2:Wild Blow - Since I'm not using the Weapon Specific Skills this is much more viable
    Slot 3:Troll Unguent - The +5 regen is usually enough to keep me from death if my healer hench is too busy to heal me
    Slot 4:Dodge - Useful when dealing with Enemy Rangers but otherwise mostly useless
    Slot 5:Feral Lunge - Very Helpful for taking down Enemy Healers or annoying enemy casters
    Slot 6:Comfort Animal - Good for keeping my pet from dying and resing him when i'm stupid enough to let him die
    Slot 7:Resurrection Signet - Great for Resing Alesia when she dies before I do.
    Slot 8:Charm Animal - Required for my pet to stick around

    My current pet is a Lv4 Moa but I plan to switch to a Lynx as soon as I find one
    My Current Weapons are:
    Axe:Customized Battle Axe of Fortitude
    Sword:Customized Barbed Ascalon Razor of Charrslaying
    Bow:Customized Ascalon Longbow of Charrslaying

    I switch weapons depending on the situation and due to my lack of weapon specific skills I can switch mid mission in the event that someone dies or i'm left as the last one alive. I always have the res signet set in case my party members start dying.

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    @ Sephikus

    The only thing I can really recommend above all else is to focus on one role at at time in any given build. You can freely change what your build is in a Town/Outpost but spreading your points around (especially early on) is a very bad idea. Instead of being okay at one thing, you end up having extremely weak skills in everything.

    Melee Weapons, Bows, and Pets should all be considered a weapon. For best effect in a build specialize in one weapon only. (Though a Melee/Bow with a pet can work once you are 20 and especially with the extra 30 att points from quests).

    I wouldn't reccommend heavily using a pet until you can get about 10 or so points in BM. And you definintly want to hit the Requirment on your Bow/melee Wep as soon as possible. Without it you are going to barely scratch the enemy (or at least be extremly weak in comparison to one with the correct att points invested).

    That said, try to find the balance of fun and stats, but in GW it is generally accepted that focusing on one weapon per build is the most effective way to play.


    -The Count

    P.S. Can't wait for the upcoming Ranger Bow Attack Revamps and the Pet Controls coming "soon" (i.e. no date given yet). hopefully it will breath some new life into the ranger builds :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    1 power shot
    2 melandrus arrows (elite)
    3 troll unguent
    4 dual shot
    5 apply poison
    6 whirling defence
    7 Barbed trap
    8 Res

    12 marks
    12 wilderniss
    13 exp

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    Ah yes. Rangers = PWNAGE.

    Lvl 20 R/E

    Lately I've been doing a lot of ABing, so my build's looked like this:

    Wilderness Survival 11
    Marksmanship 12+1+1
    Expertise 10


    Power Shot
    Determined Shot
    Troll Unguent
    Distracting Shot
    Read The Wind
    Hunter's Shot
    Whirling Defense
    Apply Poison

    Mainly the purpose of this build is to disrupt/put conditions on opponents/deal heavy damage. I currently use a perfect max Zodiac Longbow which gives the needed range and a great damage boost as well (15-28, 15^50, +20% armor penetration 20% chance, +30 hp). Extra HPs are recommended big time cuz with this build I tend to piss a lot of people off by poisoning and dealing major damage from a distance (on average my damage is from 60-120+), and so it's the equivalent of static electricity with how they come running up to me attempting to take me down, and that's where Whirling Defense comes in. Lol. I think that just makes them even more mad, but oh well. Obviously attacking from above is a super-smart tactic if it's possible, especially in Alliance Battles like this build is mainly used for. I currently do not have any elite skills but if you have elites, I recommend Melandru's Risilience or some other defensive skill in place of Hunter's Shot. Also, another idea is taking a blinding skill along for the ride, I've yet to try it but it could add more time for you to shoot down the Warrior or Dervish that's trying to slice you to pieces. Read The Wind isn't entirely necessary but it's a nice touch when you're faced with fast-casting spells or skills that need to be disrupted with Distracting Shot. Longbow attack speed is slowish, so Read the Wind helps with that issue. If you get used to this build, it can work really well, as it has for me. I've dueled a few fellow Rangers and a couple Warriors with this build at my guild hall and earned some respect as a result.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Algeren's Avatar


    Whirling Defence
    Favourable Winds
    Troll Unguent
    Savage Shot
    Pin Down
    Throw Dirt

    and when i solo mintaurs


    Throw Dirt
    Whirling defence
    Savage Shot
    Troll Unguent
    Essence Bond
    Live Vicariously
    Rebirth (this is just to fill the extra slot)
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    14 Marksmanship
    13 Expertise
    rest in Wilderness Survival

    Apply Poison
    Burning Arrow
    Screaming Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Troll Undgent
    Whirling Defense

    Spread Heavy Degen = Fun

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    GWOnline.Net Member Marveric's Avatar

    Beast Mastery 10+3+1
    Expertise 8+1
    Spear Mastery 12

    Rampage as One {e} / Ferocious Strike {e}
    Barbed Spear / Merciless Spear
    Blazing Spear
    Wild Throw / Tiger's Fury
    Merciless Spear / Brutal Strike
    Call of Protection
    Comfort Animal
    Charm Animal

    Beast Mastery 12+3+1
    Expertise 10+2
    Marksmanship 8+1

    Apply Poison
    Scavenger Strike
    Ferocious Strike {e}
    Concussion Shot
    Brutal Strike
    Call of Haste / Protection / Otyugh's Cry
    Comfort Animal
    Charm Animal

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    Ebon Ranger

    1. Ebon Dust Aura [E]
    2. Vital Boon
    3. Called Shot
    4. Distracting Shot
    5. Savage Shot
    6. Lightning Reflexes
    7. Whirling Defense
    8. Sunspear Res Signet

    and my usual Barrage Team setups that I have been using since Chapter 1

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    GWOnline.Net Member Strydar's Avatar

    My Screaming Burn Ranger (R/W)

    14: Expertise
    7: Wilderness
    14: Marksmanship

    1: Frenzy
    2: Burning Arrow
    3: Screaming Shot
    4: Crossfire
    5: Read the Wind
    6: open
    7: Whirling / Reflexes
    8: Troll

    Speed, good damage, max degen, all at flatbow distance. Along with a zealous string, I never have energy problems. One of the funnest builds I've every played.
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