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    A dead one (SF)


    Ferocious Strike
    Predators Pounce
    Brutal Strike
    Call of Haste
    Comfort Animal
    Charm Animal
    Troll Unguent


    Beast Mastery: 16
    Expertise: 9
    Wilderness Survival: 10 or so with whatever left in Prot Prayers for Rebirth.

    Ever since I started running Beast Master builds on my Ranger I don't want to play anything else. It's very fun AND effective. The downside to this is build is that I sacrifice the pets defense for more damage. Not that big a deal though since pets don't suffer DP and you can raise and heal them right away. This build will change when I cap Enraged Lunge. I use a staff to give me more energy and it has 2 +defense mods on it.

    Another build I use is for W/R, but since it is part Ranger I may as well post it here.


    Tigers Fury
    Enraged Lunge
    Executioner's Strike
    Penetrating Blow
    Heal Signet
    Comfort Animal
    Charm Animal
    Raise Signet


    Axe Mastery: 14
    Beast Mastery: 12
    Tactics: 9 with whatever is left into Strength

    Using a zealous axe I have no problems with energy as long as I keep swinging. Tigers Fury feeds Enraged Lunge which does +76 damage at 12 Beast Mastery. If your pet dies you wont be totally screwed as you can still use Tigers Fury and the axe skills. The weakness of this build is that you can't heal your pet well or else you'll quickly run out of energy. Another very fun and effective build.

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    I love being a Beastmaster, my Dire White Tiger Virgo is having a great time with me!

    1. Enraged Lunge
    2. Predators Pouce
    3. Brutal Strike
    4. Symbiotic Bond
    5. Troll Ungeant (or a Sig of Cap)
    6. Comfort Animal
    7. Charm Animal
    8. Rebirth

    BM: 16
    Marks: 9 (for bow)
    WS: sth
    Exp: sth

    Druids Armor

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    Enraged Lunge is indeed very popular I see, and for a good reason. No other single ranger skill is even close when it comes to the damage it deals, except for Brutal Strike maybe.

    They've made some very nice additions to Beastmasters, that's for sure. If they just made the pet respond to a target call as well, without the need for me to launch the initial attack, beastmasters would be even more viable!

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    Used this build all through factions and it carried me through fine.

    Tigers Fury
    Read the Wind
    Poison Arrow (elite)
    Charm A
    Comfort A
    Whirl Defence
    Troll Ung
    Storm Chaser / Res sig

    12 BM, 12 Marks, 9 Exp, 10 Wilderness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vallen Frostweaver
    My most commonly used Ranger build for PvE in the past month:
    -Troll Ungent
    -Enraged Lunge {Elite}
    -Predatory Bond
    -Call of Haste
    -Comfort Animal
    -Charm Animal
    -Other Beastmastery skill to benefit Enraged (Poisonous Bite, Predator's Pounce, Tigers Fury, etc.)
    Mine looks like this:
    -Enraged Lunge {Elite}
    -Call of Protection
    -Call of Haste
    -Comfort Animal
    -Charm Animal
    -Needling shot
    -Healing Breeze

    Bm - 9+3
    Healing - 8
    Exp - 10+3
    Marks - 10+2

    This works well for me. I prefer Healing Breeze over Trolls simply because you can really positively contribute towards the overall survivability of the party (and keep my reckless guy alive) which you can't do with Trolls. The trick with needling shot is not to use it until the magic line on the monsters health bar crosses the -50% mark cos it only delivers 17 damage. When this line is crossed, the no-recharge on Needling combined with Enraged Lunge makes for a devastating combo.

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    In my opinion, Needling shot should always be used together with a preparation like Kindle Arrows, Choking Gas, Ignite Arrows etc, because on it's own, it just doesn't deal enough damage to be worth it, drains too much energy for such a low damage dealt.
    If you think you could play without ressurect sister morphyne, why not throw in a preparation, up Wilderness and scrap healing, although you make a good point in being able to help your teammates with healing breeze, if you don't trust the monks enough! You'd be killing your enemies faster, and then the need for healing breeze might not be needed after all! :)

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    I satrted using a R/E build that works great in Cantha.

    Fiery Jade Long bow

    1. Conjure Flame
    2. Kindle Arrows
    3. Quick Shot (ELITE)
    4. Dual Shot
    5. Whirling Defense
    6. Favorable Winds
    7. Troll Ungent
    8. what ever you prefer ( I use Storm Chaser or Cap or Serpents Quickness)

    Fire Magic - 8
    Wilderness Survival- 12
    Expertise - 13
    Marksmanship - 9

    It is very effective and very rarely do I get low on energy.
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    Lately I run something along this line:

    (Standard Spiker)
    Expertise 13 (10+3)
    Marksmanship 16(12+3+1)
    rest into Wilderness

    Dual Shot
    Punishing Shot [E]
    Savage Shot
    Needling Shot
    Kindle Arrow
    Whirling Defense
    Troll Unguent
    what ever you want (I usually take a rez of some sort)

    If I am running an Interrupter build
    same stats as above

    Broadhead Arrow [E]
    Savage Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Needling Shot (or Rez or Cap)
    Kindle Arrow
    Lightning Reflexes
    Whirling Defense
    Troll Unguent

    This interrupt build I can completely shutdown an enemy spellcaster so long as I have a little melee help with IAS. About the time Broadhead Arrow is recharged it is about to end on your target (if they are still alive). What I do is then reuse Broadhead and follow immediately with wither Savage or Distracting for an interrupt before Broadhead Arrow hits.

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    Commonly used build i use lately? I farm Tombs for months now(for money, ecto and greens.... yes, i know i'm broke) and here's the build i use.

    B/p build (Barrage/Pet) R/Mo

    Marksman 12, mask+1, Superior rune+3(very important) = 16
    Expertise 8, minor rune+1 = 9
    Wilderness 8, minor rune+1 = 9
    Beastmaster - the remaining points, minor rune+1

    Skill set
    Distracting shot
    Favourable wind or Winnow
    Throw dirt
    Charm Animal
    Comfort Animal

    More or less the standard b/p build in tombs and perhaps sorrow furnace.

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    my interrupter

    R/Me (usually just pure R)

    Exp 11
    BM 9
    Marks 10
    WS 13

    1)Dust Trap/Throw Dirt/Cry of Frustration/Epidemic/EoE
    2)Troll's Unguent
    3)Distracting Shot
    4)Savage Shot
    5)Choking Gas
    6)Practiced Stance [Elite] / Incendiary Arrows [Elite]
    7)Tiger's Fury (9 seconds)
    8)Read The Wind

    Small variation - bring a pet:
    1)Disrupting Lunge
    4)Comfort Animal
    8)Charm Animal

    Yes, I'm sure it lacks finesse. Yes, I'm wasting skill points having BM at a 9. But with everyone casting at double speed these days, I find that even with RTW, my old-man reflexes aren't quick enough to interrupt the important things. With WS at 13/11, Choking Gas lasts for 24 seconds or so. Tiger's Fury means that you'll actually hit some spells. Since the casters tend to clump, this works really well. Save SS/DS for Binding Rituals, since those don't count as spells.

    Dust Trap to protect the casters - drop this when the warrior goes and aggros, so that when the fighters come in after the casters, you've got a few seconds where they're harmless. Epidemic if someone brings bleed/poison/etc. Throw Dirt for when the fights don't stay in one area. RTW for non-caster groups.... I use RTW these days so that my interrupts get there in time.

    Suggestions (aside from dropping BM/RTW)?


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