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    Comprehensive Dagger Collection

    Here's my collection of daggers. I hope people can use this when choosing which dagger skin that they like

    I believe its all the greens and every other skin too and has taken awhile and quite a bit of gold to put together.

    Please let me know if I'm missing any. :)

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    And heres the last few as I could only put 4 images in first post :)

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    Big collection. lol

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    What are the effect of dyes on split chakrams and zodiac daggers?
    I like my Everthorn's (chakrams <3) but the colour is not to my liking, so I was thinking of getting some Zealous Chakrams of Fortitude 15>50 and using some nice dye mix on them, I assume the middle colour changes? What about zodiac, does the golden part and the light change colour, that would be kick ***. I still need an anti-warrior pair, and want to use some zodiacs for that. Gotta buy me some.

    Very nice collection btw, is it complete skin-wise?

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    Heres a quick shot of the Zodiacs and Splits dyed green.

    As you can see the dye affects the Splits as expected on the Zodiacs however the only change seems to be the gem towards the base of the blade. :(

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    Thanks a lot.
    Shame about the zodiacs, but I like the skin anyway, so I'll make some ebon dagger with +AL v/s physical when I get round to buying a pair.

    I think I'll get some 15>50 split chakrams, mod them zealous/fortitude and dye them as well.

    P.S: I vote for sticky as well!!

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    How much did that little collection cost?

    I expect you didn't find all of them, owing to the mods and low reqs.

    Thanks for the nice images.

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    The split chakram/blades and talon pairs look pretty tight... can't wait until I get to the point where I can go looking for them. Always cool to see the greens one can aspire to finding or otherwise acquiring...

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    very well done congrats, i personally only like energy + 5 daggers, and have dragon fangs since those daggers that go down look really nice when swinging away. Well done again, and think these earns sticky lol.

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    Very well done Jhadur, if this is indeed all of the skins avaliable (someone confirm that for me?) then if you don't mind I'll make a copy and edit it a little (take the posts out, maybe shorten the picture length etc) and put it in the guides section so we have a decent show of all skins (just like the ranger forum ).
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