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    Too bad about the -5E. I'll get a pair just for the look though.

    That "The Ice Breaker" hammer looks sweet as well.

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    I enjoy the collections. Very nice things here! Keep this forum updated please, for I am green hunter myself! 6 so far, but really want more! Been lucky since they have not costed my a thing. Awesome posts!

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    hers a bit better pic of the Ungues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleron Astralis
    hers a bit better pic of the Ungues
    What are u found those?

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    they're dropped by Oni in Rhea's Crater

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    Bugger new daggers that I havent got yet

    Are these droped by any oni in Rheas Crater? Or ones deaper into the area.



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    Anyone knows if the skin for these new daggers are available on normal drops (non-green)?

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    Hmm, amazing collections!

    I wonder how much these costs you :O

    BTW, I'm really liking the skin on Golden Talons, where do those drops?

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    Ok updated the last pic with the new green Ungues of the Oni.

    Took me ages to farm for them but got them eventually

    Once again the collection is complete.

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    Just for grins...I found two Ungues of the Oni in two seperate runs. I have been trying to farm the Ariu's Daggers to no avail...boo!

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