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Thread: Group issues

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    Group issues

    Ever since GuildWars came out, this has always been an issue:

    When you get disconnected, you lose your group and place that your character was in. Most of the time, players in the group think it is intentional, however most times it isn't. I always have my guild leader's number handy whenever I loose power or need to reset my router.

    How come this hasn't been addressed? Or is this issue a "working as intended" deal?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Aiiane's Avatar

    That's always been the case, and though Anet has said they are looking/planning to look into ways to allow players to reconnect to an instanced mission/battle, such has yet to be implemented.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    Yep, it's a "we're working on it" deal. However, since ANet has limited resources and a lot of different things to work on, depending on it's priority reconnects might not get added for a while.

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    It is being worked on by Anet but I wouldnt expect a fix for a while yet. Best guess from me would be MAYBE with chapter 3.

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