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    Elder Black Widow

    Does the Elder Black Widow still spawn? We've been trying to get an Elder for our guildie for over a week now. 8-10 runs, and they're all Dire or Hearty.

    Can anyone confirm that they've seen an Elder Black Widow spawn in the last week or two, or even since Factions released?

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    I can't say for certain because I haven't been down there for over a month but the spiders have always been random. Sometimes you have luck and sometimes you don't. It's possible that you are just having bad luck with spider spawns. I know hearty spiders tend to spawn more then the Dire and Elder. Keep trying.

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    woot i got one the other day

    dude it was like 4am and i was like ooh **** i got a elder black widow i didn't expect it i thought they spawned all elder but yes i can confirm that they have been spawning because i got one !!
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