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    Hundred Blades Ranger Build

    This build is a new one and i'm gona try it out right after this post so tell me if you think it might work.

    15 expertise
    11-12 swordsmanship
    6 wilderness survival
    the rest in beast mastery

    1 Troll Uguent
    2 Tigers Fury
    3 apply poison
    4 hundred blades
    5 savage slash
    6 Riposte
    7 Deadly Riposte
    8 Res Sig

    With expertise so high up hundred baldes costs two energy thus with apply poison on you can spread poison to a foe and adjacent foes for only two energy. The riposte skills and troll unguent are for healing and defense, Tigers fury will speed up your attack so you do more damage and savage slash will allow you to own the enemy casters.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Goldfish God's Avatar

    erm, riposte and deadly riposte are both Tactics skills, sure they block 1 melee attack but i think it's a little wasted. Better to swap at least 1 out for Throw Dust.

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    GWOnline.Net Member FANTHOM's Avatar

    There No Reason To Put Expertise That High. HB Cost 5 Energy, With Expertise At 13 It Will Cost 2 Energy. 13 Is The Cutoff For 5 Energy Skills. Plus your using no expertise skills which is suprising.
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    Thx For the advice on the expertise and throw dirt i tried the build again with those to skills and won 7 consecutive in RA thanx a ton if u got anymor suggestions let me know

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    You could also slap on final thrust, since your not using any adrenaline. Hundred blade builds adren fast, and final thrust dishes out some nice spike dmg when have them below 1/2 hp.

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    Very interesting build. I like it.

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    Wonderful, I was kinda looking for a good sword ranger build as I dont know anything about warrior skills. a few tweaks and this build works great. thanks for the post!

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    So, any suggestions for the final build?

    Is Hundred Blades really worth it?

    Anyone else try this?
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    GWOnline.Net Member hahnsoo's Avatar

    You gotta cap Hundred Blades, first. :-P It's only available at the very last mission in Prophecies. I don't think it's available in Cantha, but I'm not sure.
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    GWOnline.Net Member Shoitaan's Avatar


    Tuskforce Supremacy

    Its a core skill, I believe you get it off the Warrior Construct boss... I'm pretty sure

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