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Thread: New Races

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    New Races

    Here it is all, time to put ur imagination to work. I know most of you have read or at least thought about how many more Proff. A Net will add in future chapters. I think we're good at 8. I mean imagine us at the 6th chapter(DREAM) with a window full of proffesions, idk it just doesent feel rite.

    Wut if, in the place of adding new Proff. why cant they add new races. This would improve the PVE aspect and convince people to make more characters(then buy more character slots from u=money for u)

    Now I just dont wunt to throw this idear out there and hope A Net MIGHT add it. I'd realy like for the GW Comunity to come up with there diffrent race idears, proffesions, places and all of that so we could cinvince A Net that this is realy a great idear.

    Of course all of this can only be added to Ch.3 or the next so revolve ur idears on that.

    This are mine:
    -If they were do add diffrent races they should give them ALL the proff we have acces to already.
    -They should all start in diffrent parts of the world but, if possible, to have the same mission line as everyone else(since the GW comunity isnt that big)
    -I suggest they start small with only 2-4 Races then in future chapters they can expand to more.
    -Of course they wouldnt have to worry about skill balance since there would be the same proffesions.
    -Alot of content would need to be added which means a bigger continent to explore.
    -Races I'd like to see: Humans, Charr(if ever they'd exist in future chapters), Maybe even the Grawl since they're smart info, DWARVES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pls post ur coments!

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    No pointy-eared devils.

    Just say no, kids.

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    Aurora Glade


    I would love playing a Mursaat... Or a Charr.

    And some more lore about the existing species could be nice. I mean, there are hints and clues hidden in the game, but... More is better.

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    Thumbs up

    lol I would like to be able to make tengu chars... especially warrior... I love the way how Talon Silverwing is animated, and since there habe been lots of tengu mobs, Anet wouldn't have to worry about animations etc. because these have been already made for the mobs...

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    Dwarves and undead.

    That's all I really have to say.

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    No... just .... no....

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    Asura Borealis
    Definitely Tengu, Dwarves. Maybe Charr too. I think they should have different stats maybe. Like Tengu and Charr have more strength than humans but are less inclined at using magic. I dunno maybe not.

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    OOh Maybe even Snakemen that would be neet, along Dwarfs and Tengu

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    I'd play a Vulcan.

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    If they want an underused race, go with Centaurs. The only game I can think of where you get centaur player characters is the Shining Force series.

    That and I just like centaurs. (mostly thanks to the Shining Force series...)

    As for implementation of races, why not go with attribute bonuses. For example, a Charr warrior would have +1 to his Axe skill but -1 to his Tactics. A charr elementalist might have +1 to Fire but -1 to Air.

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