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    Newbie hammerwarrior question

    Im currently lvl 17(pls no: get it to lvl 20 first!) im working on that, im currently wielding a supreme bludgeoner of defense 16-24, 15% damage, armor +5, armor -10 when attacking.

    My question (or questions): is that acceptable at lvl 17, and if not what kind of weapon should i be wielding and how much would that cost me aprox?

    I only have factions btw, should that matter.

    Thx in advance, chaoz

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    You can do hammers well enough in Factions.

    Spend 3-6k to get both Victos Maul and Thorgall's Stonesmasher. People always seem to be looking to get rid of these green hammers. These will see you through well enough and allow you to put together a small collection of hammers.

    The other easy to get green hammer is the one you cn trade an Amulet of the Mist in for at the end of Factions misions.

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    And you know for sure that i can easily buy those hammers for that price?

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    -10 while attackings gotta be a killer in PvE...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaozArnhem
    And you know for sure that i can easily buy those hammers for that price?
    Fairly sure.

    Thorgall's is among the most common greens. Last I checked (3 months back) it was lucky to go for 1k. Victo's Maul was already under 5k in price a month ago.

    Despite all the crap on people arguing about mods and whatnot these are probably the two best cheap grab and go hammers.

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