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    Elemental Weapon Mods

    I have been playing for nearly a year, (2 months till that b-day pet). I was wondering what is the best elemental mod for a Bow according to you, the reader?

    This questions stems from the fact that I have a Shocking ShortBow and was thinking changing the shocking prefix to some other elemental power, Perhaps Ebon of Fiery....what do you you think?

    What i'm considering:
    Icy bow string
    Fiery bow string
    Shocking (Its currently shocking....so I would do nothing)
    Ebon Bow string

    PS, Ive got a Poisonous LongBow so lets leave the Poisonous mods out....Plus Im not looking to spend a fortune for a sundering mod

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    I think elemental resistances/weakness are pretty evenly distributed. While one string may be more effective than another in certain situations (i.e. a Fiery weapon would do more damage than an Icy one in the Shiverpeaks, while the reverse would be true in the Ring of Fire), overall there's no element that's prevailently more effective.

    From what I've seen, most people use elemental mods to deal extra damage to warriors or other characters with +damage vs. physical, or for specialized builds like Spinal Shivers or Glimmering Mark. If you want a more general mod that'll do more damage to everything, take a Vampiric or Sundering mod.

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    PvE: Firey. There are quite a few monster types that take extra damage from fire.

    PvP: Ebon. Rangers don't have a set of armor that gives extra AL vs Earth. Hardly anyone wears Geomancer's. So that tells me that an Ebon bow will do higher damage on a more consistent basis than any of the other strings.

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    ^^ Vampiric or Sundering? No point, just say Vampiric - the only thing more useless than Sundering is having no mod at all.

    Anyhoo for elements, I'd say either Ebon, Fiery or Icy for PvE, or definately Ebon for PvP.

    Reason why I would say not to use the shocking would be two things; one, very few monsters have a weakness to lightning compared to the other three elements. Secondly if you play PvP, +armour vs lightning is quite common (as typically lightning spells have armour penetration).

    Fiery and Icy are also less useful in PvP for this same reason; a lot of people (especially Rangers and Eles, obviously) are going to have added defense against them, whereas few will pick up added armour against Earth damage (since the most used earth damage spells ignore armour anyway, not to mention that Rangers who are infamous for their superior armours against elemental attacks don't have an armour set that provides +armour against earth damage).
    For the record, of Fiery and Icy, if those were your only two options and you were a PvP player then I'd say go with Icy, people are ever so slightly more weary of Fire damage.

    For PvE, Ebon, Fiery and Icy are practically equal, though Ebon is ever so slightly ahead in terms of the monsters which are weak to it:strong to it ratio, so if you can only afford to have one elemental bow, make it an Ebon.

    That said, personally I carry three bows, two of which are elementals; a fiery shortbow and an icy shadow bow (third is a poisoner's longbow). Reason being I mostly rely on degen damage anyway, but as far as the elements go you've got fiery for the shiverpeaks, icy for the fire islands, various monsters around kryta and maguuma are weak to one of those, and there aren't any monsters in the game which are strong against both fire and ice, so even if the worst comes to the worst, I'll always have a bow around that they won't be particularly strong against.

    Afford one bow: Ebon.
    Afford two: Fire and Ice.

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