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    Question About Starting

    What's different in the Campaign and PvP option when you make a character? Aside from the fact that you can PvP in one. Because I chose Campaign but I would still like to PvP

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    The Campaign/Roleplaying (also called PvE) option is just what its name suggests; you create a fresh new character which starts at level 1, and you go out to adventure, do quests, kill monsters and level up. You can still enter the PvP zones with your PvE character, but until you have reached the maximum level and managed to obtain decent armor and weapons, you will be at a significant disadvantage to PvP-only characters.

    The PvP option lets you create a fully kitted up, max leveled character so you can jump straight into the highest ends of PvP. PvP characters can never leave the PvP zones, so they cannot go out exploring or monster-hunting in the way PvE characters can.

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    Oh, ok.


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