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Thread: Farming ecto?

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    Farming ecto?

    I know that this definately sounds like a noob question but, where exactly do you farm ecto? I mean who is really going to pay for all of those ecto AND obsidian shards for FOW? Also, how rare or common are they?

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    GWOnline.Net Member CÚrilia's Avatar

    Ectos are farmed in the UW (Underworld)
    Shards in FoW (Fissure of Woe)

    In my experience ectos are very rare while shards are more common.

    I move this thread to the Questions and Answers forum.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Avoc's Avatar

    You can farm ecto in the UW. Currently the most used farming builds is the 55monk + SS/Sv necro team, and sometimes even 3 man trapper teams.
    In the UW around 2/8 monsters drop an ecto.

    In the FoW you can get Obs. Shards.
    Theese drop more frequently, and the most used team-build now-a-days is the Barrage + Pet team build with 5 Barrage rangers with pets, 1 order necro, 1 Minion master and 1 heal monk.

    People are actually able to pay for the ecto and shards. Some of them dont farm UW + FoW, they just farm for rare items and greens.
    Selling theese items will provide the needed gold to buy ecto and shards.

    Currently, if you use money to buy you FoW armor for any of the classes than the warrior it will run up in:

    105 ecto = 8K per piece = 840K
    105 shards = 3.5K per piece = 367.5K
    Craft price = 15K per piece of armor = 60K

    840 + 367.5 + 60 = 1,267.5K gold. That is 1,267,500 million gold pieces.

    The warrior full FoW set (and soon the ranger aswell) is a taad more:
    120 ecto x 8K per piece = 960K
    120 Shards x 3.5K per piece = 420K
    75K to craft all 5 pieces of armor.

    960 + 420 + 75 = 1.455K gold.


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    Well first, ectos drop in UW.
    Then lots of people who know how to solo/duo UW do it : you can make up for the 500g fee quite quickly
    Ectos are quite rare even if they have been farmed alot. Their price had dropped down to 4K, but now they trade for roughly 8K. So if you catch one each time you go in UW, that's a 7K raw benefit. Plus the fact that some items only drop in UW ...

    (mmm sry for the multiple answer, it seems that 3 of us did the same at the same time:p)

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    Lots of people buy ectos and shards for fow armor.

    Ectos arent only used for armor though, they are also a trade currency used for 100k+ transactions, for this reason people tend to collect them as well.

    You will get ecto drops at both the Tombs and in the Underworld.

    Also, this thread should have been posted in the Questions Forum

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    Yes, in both Underworlds, the one you reach over Temple of Ages when you have favor, or through the Tombs of Primeval Kings, which can always be accessed, but is harder to play (though you do get greens at the end )

    Ectos are very rare...very very rare. I see about 2 or less drop in most UW smite runs with either trapping teams or 55/SS combos.

    Obsidian Shards are easier to get hold of, because of the various FoW solo farming builds.

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    Yes ecto can be found at Uw/Fow, Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings (at Banished Dream Rider, Terrorweb Dryder ) and in the Maguuma Jungle (at Ravager).
    The last 2 places i never found an ecto :(

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    GWOnline.Net Member Satanacus's Avatar

    Ok, in groups your drops will be diddly squat.
    Soloing however can reap a great deal of shards / ectos

    Even if soloing gives you more than the average group drop in total shards/ectos, it still takes alot of time to get enough to make that FoW armour which you should know is just an aesthetic piece of crap and a gold sink.

    If you reallly wanna look different, then by all means waste your time and money in UW, FoW and tombs.

    If you want those shards / ectos for trades, then don't bother hunting for them. If you wave enough gold in someone's face they'll take it reguardless, that's just the way people are unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avoc
    In the UW around 2/8 monsters drop an ecto.

    I dont think this number is accurate, if it was I would be swimming in ectos after each run.

    On average, it usually drops 1-2 ectos total in each UW smite run (dont know how many monsters that is, but its a whole lot). Divided by the 2-3 people doing the run, you are lucky to get one ecto/run. Of course you can get other drops that are worth $$$, making the run worth your while even though you dont get an ecto.

    In FoW you will almost always get at least one shard (unless you run an 8-player group that dont get past the first quest).

    Even though there are two areas where ectos potentially drop, they are still more rare than shards, and hence also more expensive.

    If you want FoW armor it will take you a very long time to farm all the ectos/shards yourself. Most FoW armor buyers buy at least some of the ectos/shards they need.

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