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    Exclamation New? READ (Rules + FAQ)

    Before posting a new thread.

    I ask only 2 things from every member.
    • Use the search function of the forums to check if your question has been asked/answered recently
    • Read the other stickys, especially if it's related to your question

    Things to keep in mind.


    • All posts are subject to the general forum rules.
      • Additional: No belittling other members. We were all newbies once.
      • Additional: No double posting within the one hour edit limit.
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    Game related questions

    • How do I travel from X campaign to Y campaign?
      • To travel to other campaigns you have to complete certain quests which take you over to the other continents. There's currently 9 different quests which allow you to travel from each campaign to every campaign but you should only ever need to complete three of them (maximum) for each character.

        Prophecies --> Factions - "Mhenlo's Request" quest from Firstwatch Sergio in Lions Arch.
        Prophecies --> Nightfall - "Sunspears In Kryta" quest from Lionguard Figo in Lions Arch.
        Prophecies --> Eye of the North - "What Lies Beneath" quest from Len Caldoron in Lions Arch.
        Factions --> Prophecies - "Chaos in Kryta" quest from Guardsman Chienpo in Kaineng Center.
        Factions --> Nightfall - "Sunspears in Cantha" quest from Guardsman Linro in Kaineng Center.
        Factions --> Eye of the North - "I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet" quest from Raiugyon in Kaineng Center.
        Nightfall --> Prophecies - "Terror in Tyria" quest from Deras Tenderlin in Kamadan.
        Nightfall --> Factions - "Plague in Cantha" quest from Funwa Shento in Kamadan.
        Nightfall --> Eye of the North - "Hole of Istan" quest from Bendah in Kamadan.

        To be able to get these quests, you must own the campaign you are trying to travel to. The three Nightfall quests also require you to have completed the primary quest called "The Time is Nigh". After you have done one of the quests, you will be able to travel between continents using the travel icon on your world map.

    • Is there anyway to download the game all at once?
      • With an old CD or the install from the Guild Wars website, you'll usually find that they are outdated fairly badly so you tend to have to download each area as you come to them which can sometimes be upto 100MB or more. You can avoid these downloads by downloading the entire game at once by using the -image switch which you add to the target line of a shortcut for Guild Wars. This essentially forces the game to download and decompress absolutely everything available for it.

        Here's a more detailed explanation of how to do it, and you can find all the other switches you can use in this thread

    • What is the max damage of the current weapons?
      • Sword: 15-22 - Axe: 6-28 - Hammer: 19-35
      • Staff: 11-22 - Wands: 11-22 - Scythe: 9-41
      • Spear: 14-27 - Dagger: 7-17 - Bow: 15-28

    • How do I get to Team Arena and/or Heroes Ascent?
      • To get to Team Arena you must first get 5 consecutive wins in the Random Arena on the battle isles. In order to get to Heroes Ascent you must win 5 times (does not need to be consecutive) in Team Arena.

    • How do I add a key to my existing account?
      • On the login screen within the game is a link named 'Add Access Key or Create Account'. When you click this you will be shown 2 options, one will be to either add an access key to a current account and the other for creating accounts. You want to select the left option for adding a key to an existing account, enter your account info then you'll be able to enter your new key.

    • I have 2 separate accounts, is it possible to merge them?
      • Sadly no, there is an alternative however if you accidentally made a new account with a key you meant to use to upgrade your current account. By contacting support they can close the wrongly made account and give you a new key to upgrade your current account with. By doing this you would be agreeing to lose everything that was on the closed account. You can contact them here

    • I don't know which campaign to buy! Which one is the best?
      • The opinion on what is better varies alot, the question also comes up alot. By using the search feature you should be able to find a few of these threads rather easily and can read the comments and decide for yourself which one you feel is better for you.

    • I'm supposed to have special items that are packaged with the game I bought, how do I access them?
      • Bonus weapons you get from pre-order packs or special copies of the game can be spawned with the command /bonus, those that are are customized to your character can be spawned multiple times by repeating the command. Items spawned using this command can be deleted by using the trash bin to the right of your bags on the Inventory window. Special items that can only be spawned once like minipets can be spawned with the /special command. Items spawned with the /special command cannot be retrieved if you accidently trade or delete them.

    Forum related questions

    Normally you should direct all forum related questions or concerns to Forum Support, please do not post forum related questions in this section of the forum.

    • How do I get a Signature?
      • Signatures are an incentive for those who donate financial support to the website (or are a moderator). The people who donate are called 'Pals' and you can donate or see what the other incentives are by visiting this link
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