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    Smile Please help me, i'm a R/Mo

    Hi , guys^^ im new here

    I started a female R/Mo character, and i was wondering how
    long i should stay at pre, wat skills i should use while im in pre,
    and could u please tell me how to put up the attribute stats?


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    hey and welcoem to the forums

    to answer ur first question, i usually stay till about lvl 7 but i sually do all the quests there so its reallly up to u.

    And what skills to use. Again its up to u because they dont give u alot of skills to make a solid build but when i was there i just went power shot, troll, preperation, and a pet. Then if u need more healing use the monks healing, if not try out smiting and see what u like to do.

    About the attributes. I usally spread them even between the attibutees that my skills are from, cause i really dont have much chose.

    Sry that it didnt tell u everything but i tryed

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    Now i know wat u did in ur pre life(?),
    thx i'll sometimes talk to u on GW if i can^^
    thx for the answer Xenox 乃

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    GWOnline.Net Member VILenin's Avatar

    Ignore the spammer, he just got banned. I'm always willing to help new players so long as they are willing to learn.

    Basically, to answer what you said, I would recommend staying in Pre long enough to do all of the skill-giving quests (you will appreciate the free skills once you get into the endgame and you are paying 1000 gold per skill) and make sure to do Adventure with an Ally (from Lina outside of Ascalon) for the Resurrection Signet skill, one that comes in handy just about everywhere.

    Also, make sure to check the collectors that give armor and try to get a set. It is considerably cheaper than crafting your own armor once you get out of Pre-searing. To the best of my recollection, the crafters are in Fort Ranik, the area outside of Fort Ranik (sorry, it's early), outside of Foible's Fair next to the shrine, and near where you do the Trouble in the Woods quest.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Amywien's Avatar

    Hi and welcome.

    Level 8 seems to be my 'average' for leaving Pre-Searing, it's hard to stay below 8 if you just do all the quests and it's hard to get > 8 because there will be very little critters that give you experience once you're on level 8

    As stated, make sure you do all the skill-quests, but without a list you'll probably end up doing all quests anyway.

    I remember I didn't have much problem selecting skills in pre-searing, just didn't have that many, but I think Charm Animal, Comfort Animal and Troll Unguent would be standard. Then a preperation and one or two attacks. Hunters Shot and Power Shot are always ok to have, as is Penetrating Attack, then Read the Wind (preparation) and/or Favorable Winds (spirit). Maybe Ignite Arrows which works nice with Dual Shot. I am just not sure which are available.
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    Very good combo for pre-sear (and imo a long while after) is dual shot+ ignite arrows (or kindle when you eventualyl get it). As everyone has said, the average is usually about level 7-8 jsut make sure you don't go leaving at level 3-5 (lots of deaths if you do..) and you should be fine once your through pre-sear.
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I would take Pre-Searing slowly and not rush through it, as you could find later that you miss it (I know I do ).

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    GWOnline.Net Member Amywien's Avatar

    Yeah that too ... indeed, take your time and enjoy the views which can be stunning. In time, you'll understand.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Marveric's Avatar

    How do you get hunter's shot and penetrating shot in pre-searing??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctus Redryn
    I would take Pre-Searing slowly and not rush through it, as you could find later that you miss it (I know I do ).
    that is so true, sometimes i wish they had just left ascalon in the way it was in pre-sear... but then they would have to make up a new story...

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