So after reading this site and playing a ele/me with fire as my focus, I've just finished search for the oracle, and have had a good time so far dealing huge amounts of damage. I typically use, ele attun, fire attun, aura of R, immolate, fireball, spam flare, with bed of coals (for when I'm targeted by warriors or assassin types), and armor of earth. I use to keep meteor with me for the kd vs. those in the bed of coals but found that they had usually run off buy the time the meteor got around to hitting them. The problem is I keep some attribute points on Earth to be able to use armor which takes away from using them somewhere else. My Fire is maxed with Energy storage at 9-10 and the remaining on Earth.
But it seems that in the long run I may be a better service to my team mates as well as an all around better player if I were to switch to either and Air or Earth build.
The problem with Fire is that if you do become the target you just don't have any really decent armor spells to help keep the damage down and when most of your team has died off, (Due to splitting attributes pts between fire and earth), and A of R only helps as long as you can keep your energy up.
After reading the Air Elem thread below I was thinking of making the switch before I get much farther on in the game, but the cost of purchasing all those new skills will be significant. Am I just being paranoid and over thinking it?
Also I don't seem to use any of my Mes spells, with the elem spells seeming to do so much more damage. I'm discovering the joy of degen using immolate are there one or two that people have found useful.