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View Poll Results: Would you still play GW if it had monthly fee?

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    Would you still play GW if it had monthly fee?

    for me i would still play

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    Simple answer, no...
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    Tuskforce Supremacy

    propably not if it was the full $15

    It lacks the regular content patches that are to be expected with a monthly fee game

    also, there is an existing thread on this I believe (and that one has a poll)


    I see you added the poll!

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    I'm undecided. I absolutely love Guild Wars but if they had a monthly fee...



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    No game deserves monthly income from a player.
    Guild Wars comes close, but I know that if it would suddenly get a monthly fee, it would also get a whole lot more grinding requirements, crafting, and other nonsense. Which would ruin the game. By alot.

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    Nope, I'd unfortunately have to wave goodbye. Not sure what sense there would be in staying either since most of my alliance would drop out and towns would undoubtedly have much fewer people (the Fire Island missions would become vacation spots for the l33t ). Plus, it wouldn't accomplish what I and many would like to to, and infact would do the exact opposite (referring the ingame maturity).

    So, no.
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    This poll has been done before, but not for a while, so rather than closing/linking to an old thread I'll leave this open. Let's not have it turn into a WoW vs. GW thread or any such nonsense, though.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Jhanto Gun's Avatar

    the way the game is right now, I wont pay monthly fees. if the game features and gameplay is close to Shadowbane (without the tech problems it have) and the future pvp mmorpg game Darkfall, then yes, I will pay the monthly fees. GW have to do more than what it is now to charge monthly fees.

    right now, DArkfall is the only mmorpg game I'm interested in. the rest I have a wait and see attitude (from warhammer online to age of conan). GW is not even close to Darkfall in many category. GW still have a long way to go if they gonna start charging monthly fees, but one thing for sure GW is the best game of its kind. bar none.

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    Guild Wars is almost entirely instanced. I don't see how a monthly fee could possibly be justified.

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