I was helping ym firend with a quest and he ended up going to Vizunah Square but it wouldn't let me throught the gate, I thought that I had all the areas on the map, so I pulled up the map and sure enough Vizunah square was on my map. So I maped to it and looked for my friends but he wasn't there and we were both in the same channel. Anyways we found out that one is Vizunah Square (Local Quareter) and the other is Vizunah square (Foreign Quarter). Why is this happening why can't I get to the local quarter and why can't he get to the foriegn quarter? The only thing I can think of is that I am currently out side of the states, but that doesn't make since that it would change my map when i leave the states does it? On the map I am looking at I dont eve see the foreign quarter.

Oh I thought of one other thig it could be could it be cantian vs tyrian?