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    Looking for guild

    thats right im looking for a guild .

    all about me
    1. i am active
    2. i am rank 2, fame 106
    3. i got factions
    4. i got more than 1 mil exp in my pve char
    5. i have been playing for 13 months

    requirments for me to be in your guild

    1. members must be active, friendly and helpful
    2. must have at least 40 members in your guild
    3. must be kurzics allied and have a few other kurzicks allied guilds in the alliance
    4. must be european guild and members must have gmt-gmt+4 timezone
    5. must do gvg and pvp most of the week

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    since no1 wants me, is it a good iead to start my own guild?

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    that iead meant to be idea

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