Are you a player looking for a big, active, PvP-based guild that is the leader of an alliance? Are you a guild looking for a big, active, PvP-based alliance? Then our guild or alliance is for you!

For players looking for a guild:
The name of our guild is Twilight Saraphim. Our website is at Our leader is Doomed Blood, but he is usually on the character Koco Puffz. We are still currently training in the use of FC air spiking to climb the GvG ladder, and because of that, we have not GvGed yet. Although we will get our very first one done sometime this weekend.

Just because we have yet to GvG does not mean we have not done TA, AB, and HA together constantly. We simply don't want to jeopardize our guild rating and rank without being 100% ready, trained, and prepared. Members PvE too, but i'd like to point out that this is NOT a PvE build. If there is no PvP that has to be done, you can ask in guild/alliance chat to farm with others, get help with missions from others, trade things with others, etc.

We are looking for mature, active members, who will make a certain GvG/HA build if the officers and/or leader request it, run AB if they are told to, and generally respect the officers and leader and what they say. Our officers and our leader has been playing Guild Wars for a very long time, and they are all quite experienced in PvP.

We currently have exactly 46 members, 3 of which have been away for over a week, and have contacted our leader telling him they'd be going away. This guild is active, if anyone ever reaches the 'away for 1 week' mark without saying so and why before they go away, they will promptly be removed from the guild.

You do not have to be on every day (although many of our members, especially me and Koco Puffz, are on usually 5-6 hours, or more, every day), once a week is enough, although we'd encourage you to be on as much as you possibly can. We understand real life can get in the way, which is why all you have to do is simply check in and say that you will be doing something/going somewhere for over a week, and you will not be removed.

If you are a guild looking to join an alliance:
Twilight Saraphim is the leading guild in an alliance of 8. This means we are looking for 2 more guilds. We are slowly becoming more and more focused on AB, soon we'll be running organized AB groups for hours every day. We are looking to get enough faction to take a town, though this is a long-term goal, as we'll need a lot more. This is why we'd prefer fairly big, active, guilds who, if they cannot GvG often, should run AB often to help the alliance get a bigger pool of faction. Our faction was just 2 days ago at 500k, and unfortunately it has dropped down to 350k as of today. This is why everyone needs to AB or run faction quests CONSISTENTLY. Every single 5k you donate to the alliance helps us to reach our eventual goal.

Because of this, the requirements for a guild to join our alliance must have 50k or more KURZICK faction, must have active, mature members, responsible, extremely active officers and leader, and willing to run guild-based AB groups at least 3 times a day.

If you are a player/guild and you are interested in joining, and you have met the requirements, please PM me here, reply to this post, or send a whisper to Koco Puffz, Zeknen Bloodstorm, Dun Poldam, Lia Freewood, Moss Eisley, or Sway Mu. Note, these people may be playing on other characters, so it'd be wise to add one/some/all of them to friends and contact them on whichever character they are on.