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    Sotd 7-01-06 Soul Twisting and Ritual Lord


    Okay, I've only done 1 skill this week, so today you get two for the price of one. I wanted to talk about Soul Twisting, but I felt it would be useful to talk about Ritual Lord at the same time. Both these skill are extremely useful, albeit they have slightly different strengths. This means that valuing one over the other is largely dependent on the rest of your bar.

    Soul Twisting
    Description: Destroy target allied spirit. The next Binding ritual you perform casts 66% faster and recharges instantly. This is an elite skill.
    Energy Cost: 5
    Activation Time: None.
    Recharge Time: 15 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute: None.
    Skill Type: Skill

    So this skill is slightly confusing at first glance. Basically, your first spirit has to be cast at full casting duration and full recharge. But after that, you get to cast a spirit 66% faster and with instant recharge every 15 seconds at the cost of 5 en + destroying an existing spirit. It's sort of like a Glyph of Renewal for binding rituals, except much more complicated. It is uninterruptable and unstrippable.

    So what are the advantages? Obviously, 66% faster cast time is pretty awesome. This makes a 3 second activation time basically 1 second. It will be much harder for those meanie rangers to interrupt you. Instant recharge isn't useful in the same sense that GoR allows "echoed" nukes, since immediately putting down the same spirit again generally isn't that useful. But if you wait for soul twisting's 15 second recharge, then you can use it again on the same spirit and renew it quickly in a new location. This is truly excellent for those bars carrying only one or two spirits. It has also been used (to great effect) to fuel powerful necro spikes, resulting in a couple nerfs. The cycle breaks down if your spirit dies within the 15 seconds while soul twisting is recharging. Unless you have another spirit to consume, you will then have to cast the spirit at full cast and recharge time.

    Ritual Lord
    Description: For 30 seconds, your Rituals recharge 15-63% faster. This is an elite skill.
    Energy Cost: 10
    Activation Time: None.
    Recharge Time: 30 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute: Spawning. Increases duration and the percent of faster recharge.
    Skill Type: Skill.

    For a spirit spammer, this is an excellent elite skill. It is not a stance or an enchantment, hence it cannot be removed. It has no cast time, so cannot be interrupted. It can be activated in the middle of activating another skill. It is an unstrippable, uninterruptable way to keep those spirits churning out.

    There are just a couple pitfalls I'd like to mention. Ritual Lord only decreases the recharge of binding rituals thare are successfully completed within the duration of Ritual Lord. If you're interrupted while casting a binding ritual, this skill will not speed the recharge of the binding ritual. Due to the recharge and duration exactly matching, it is possible to have a tiny window where this skill is not active. If you're not careful, your binding ritual can complete in that window and have a slow recharge.

    Okay now to pit Soul Twisting against Ritual Lord a little. Soul Twisting is probably superior to Ritual Lord in the case that you have only one or two spirits to cast. It's also available much earlier in the game than Ritual Lord which boosts its value in PvE. However, for 3+ spirits, you probably want to use Ritual Lord. Soul Twisting has the advantage of being unlinked. That is, you won't have to invest in Spawning Power to gain the full benefit. I'm not going to hold this against Ritual Lord too much since a bar with 3+ spirits on it is probably going to want a decent investment in SP anyway.

    (warning: these pros and cons are targeted toward comparing the skills, not general all-around pros and cons)

    Soul Twisting:
    • Unlinked
    • Fast casting rituals
    • Instant recharge on ritual even if ritual is interrupted (exception: distracting shot)

    • Lose a spirit
    • Harder to use

    PvE: 10/10
    RA: 10/10
    TA: 10/10
    8v8: 10/10
    AB: 10/10

    Ritual Lord:
    • Don't lose a spirit
    • Decrease recharge on all binding rituals for 30 seconds
    • Easy to use

    • No fast casting rituals
    • If ritual is interrupted, suffer full recharge
    • Linked to SP (not a big con if using many spirits)

    PvE: 10/10
    RA: 10/10
    TA: 10/10
    8v8: 10/10
    AB: 10/10
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    its rare im able to give mesmer skills a 10/10 but that is because most are so darned situational. These however, I can see why and agree with. For a spirit using ritualist who focuses on those spirits he/she casts, these two skills are a must.

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    In PvP or PvE, any spirit spammer (defenseive or offensive) should be usiung these skills! There is one thing I would like to add is that since displacement is bugged ATM, I usually also throw in signet of creation to get a few more secconds of evasion in. Usually, by the end of the 30-secs, I'm able to recast it.

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    Cons for Ritual Lord as you stated above it cant be interrupted and no cast time so how can you say they are cons?
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    If a summoned spirit is interrupted it will have its regular recharge
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    Quote Originally Posted by jezz
    Cons for Ritual Lord as you stated above it cant be interrupted and no cast time so how can you say they are cons?
    I'm referring to the affected binding ritual, not the skill Ritual Lord itself. I edited the OP to be less confusing.
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