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    Player Trader Stalls

    It would be good to have players pay for stalls that they can sell items from and which other players can sell to. Of course, they'd have to pay for the privilege (in game gold) to set it up and there would be pitch rates and tax etc but it's something I liked in Acheae and would like to see here.

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    Yeah, JasonLa and the trading crowd covered this well in the trade related thread here. It is a lengthy thread and was merged a few times, but it covers a lot of very good ideas. If you are interested in the concept that will be a very good read!

    I like the concept - but the thought of all the players in Guild Wars camping out stalls would just crowd districts. (Yes, special trade districts could work) There are two suggestions that appeal to me in relation to this.

    1. Make the shops Guild owned and operated. This suits the concept of the mercantile Guilds of ages gone more and will reduce the numbers of shops available.

    2. Do not put it in the main game, but allow you to login through the game client to a virtual shopping hall where you have more traditional searchability, ability to access all your characters and won't be lagging the main game with the trading component. This could also mesh with an auction house and other features related to it without impacting too heavily on the existing game.

    Anyway, I like this one!

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    A better idea might be to have secondhand item merchants, like you give and item to the merchant and he puts it up for sale at the price you want and then sells it for you, he could give a certificate once u sell him the item so u have proof or could give it to different people. if necessary he could also take like 2% of your profits or something :/

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