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Thread: Critical hits

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    Critical hits

    How often to critical hits occur without the assassins bonus? For example, say my rank in critical strikes was 0, but my dagger mastery was 12 and i was fighting a foe who was my level (say we were both 20), what would my critical hit chance be?

    I'm basically trying to find out the TOTAL critical hit chance for assassins; thats why i need to know the % chance before bonuses from the critical strike attribute.

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    Okay if you search on the main site you will find SonOfRah's damage essay which has the formula in it for modifying for level changes however if you and the enemy are both the same level (say 20) then the eqation is,

    Critical chance (%) = [1+(1.25*Attribute Lvl)]

    So with DM 12

    [1+(1.25*12)] = 16%

    With DM 16 and CS 15 with Critical Eye running you can get,

    [1+(1.25*16)] + 15 + 7 = 43% chance to critical, though I wouldnt advise running with those stats as you would need 2 superior runes and would have no support skills of any value!

    Hope this helps!

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    o ty very much that helped a lot, i use critical eye with rank 12 in CS that gives me +18% chance, plus the 16%, so 34% chance for critical, and 24% chance for dual strike....that does it for me =D. I never use major/sup runes (except for vigor)

    assassins rule =D

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