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    55 Legal or Not?

    Ever since most of us got banned because we have a 55hp monk, i started wondering if 55 is indeed against the rules.

    Now they banned us for having automated behaviour, meaning:

    We run out of town multiple times without a party i guess.

    What do you guys and girls think of this issue?

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    GWOnline.Net Member DrD's Avatar

    This smilie sums up anything I could say:

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    if 55hp was illegal then there are other solutions to stop it besides banning, like removing the equiped weapons required to lower your health or lowering/increasing the health penalty of the sup runes

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lotka's Avatar

    55's are no more illegal then touch rangers or mm's IMO, and those aren't illegal so...I don't believe or consider 55's to be illegal.

    for merit, I don't even have or have ever tried a 55, but I don't see any problems with them, as long as they are used legitimately.

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    GWOnline.Net Member jvxmtg's Avatar

    People were banned due to the use of bots, not because they have a 55 invinciMonk. If you weren't using a bot, then you might want to contact the support to have your account reinstated.

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    Wasn't it stated that Anet doesn't have any issues with legit 55'ers farming for whatever legit purpose they may have?

    I searched but couldn't find it, but I do seem to recall that having been said.

    I do have a 55 monk, and farm for the guild hall npc's and 15k armor, and I don't see ANY problem with that whatsoever.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    55s are legal IMO if you get rid of them then you need to get rid of most warrior builds and the MM and many others that are able to solo. 55 monks aren't the only ones that solo farm!!!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Findariel's Avatar

    I think that the chance of being unfairly banned if you have a 55hp monk is many times higher than if you donīt have one, simpy because 99,9% of the bots are 55hp monks. So if your behaviour resembles that of a bot, the bot detection program (whatever it is) may mistake you for a bot and ban you.
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    I think I read that while not "illegal" or anything, A-Net referred to the 55monk as an exploit they had not forseen.

    And if you think they don't have issues with invincimonks, then why does almost every mob in Factions carry either enchant strippers or a necro who steals 60 health?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valium in a Hallway
    Ever since most of us got banned because we have a 55hp monk, i started wondering if 55 is indeed against the rules.
    Most people with 55hp monks were banned? Either that's worded strangely, or you're really over exaggerating. I'm sorry you were banned unfairly, but mistakes happen, and at least they were willing to go back and correct it. 100 people here and there probably don't mean a whole lot to their bottom line.

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