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    help im new to sin

    i was wondering because i use to play wow, um can u dual wield sword and dagger if that even is possible? or are all swords two handed in this game? i didnt buy that game but im going to and assasin was one of the choices in mind.

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    GWOnline.Net Member JustStuit's Avatar

    Daggers are two handed. Swords can be paired up with shields and only shields.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Offatwork's Avatar

    The short answer is no. This is because Guild Wars has a completely different gameplay mechanic than WoW. You are potentially two classes in one in Guild Wars with a maximum of 8 skills that you can use at one time. This forms potentially intense macro skills and synergizing between actual skills. This also encourages many different types of playstyles that will be battled with many different types of counters; and so forms the fine-tuned balence scale that is Guild Wars. If you are looking for PvE, you might want to go elseware because after you beat the PvE game, that's pretty much it besides farming items. But if you are into PvP, Guild Wars offers one of the most fair and balenced styles of play. To the point where people get paid to be in the many intense, competative tournaments. You take one look into the observer mode that PvP offers and you will see what I'm talking about.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Apok Omni's Avatar

    The short summary to what Offatwork said is: GW > WoW

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    WoW v. GW debate aside, I think you might want a slightly more in-depth description of the equipment mechanics.

    Here's how weapons are slotted and used:

    Bows are two handed.
    Stave are two handed
    Wands are one handed.
    Ranged attacks don't use ammo.
    Swords and Axes are one handed (axes are one handed right? brain fart).
    Hammers are two handed.
    "Daggers" are the term used to refer to the weapons primarily used by Assassins: they come in "pairs" and so are, in effect, two handed. Like every other weapon, Daggers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the most "sword-like" ones are the greens that drop off of Shiro ("green" weapons in GW are like purples- they are boss specific, pretty rare drops).

    Anyone can equip any weapon/shield but as you progress you will find that the better gear all have attribute requirements to get the most out of them: a sword that drops that reads, "Damage: 9-16 (req. 9 Sword Mastery)" would only actually do 9-16 damage if you had 9 Sword Mastery. It would do considerably less w/o the requisite points.

    And a side note on Skills, b/c you are obviously thinking about what to play even before you've got the game:

    Attributes are broken into secondary and primary.

    If you have Assassin as your Primary Class you have access to all the assassin secondary attributes (Dagger Mastery, Deadly Arts -which is currently lackluster, FYI, and Shadow Arts) and the Assassin primary attribute -Critical Strike. When you pick a Secondary Class you only have access to that classes' secondary attributes.
    I haven't seen a compelling argument for using anything other than Daggers as an assassin, FYI.

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    Daggers=Two Handed
    Dagger+Sword=Wrong and Stupid
    2h Sword= Wtf, no such thing

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    GWOnline.Net Member keydet's Avatar

    Welcome to Guild Wars. You should be warned. The learning curve to play an assassin effectively is pretty steep. And few groups will have the patience to stay with you if you're struggling.

    As the other posters have stated, the only weapons that can be "dual-wielded" are daggers. Daggers have the lowest maximum damage range, but you attack faster than other professions, so it balances out.

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    Repeat after me:

    You are not a tank
    You are not a tank
    You are not a tank

    Assassins specialize in mobility and quick kills. Don't stay in the midst of battle for too long or you WILL die. Assassins are very complicated but very rewarding if used right. They're the fastest single target killer in the game capable of killing a target in less than..er..I should say..4 seconds? Take advantage of the many shadow step skills they have and retreat after your chain.

    Basic chains usually go from a Lead Attack to an Offhand Attack to a Dual Attack. Lead Attacks are the weakest of the attacks whilst Dual Attacks are the strongest, however, all Dual Attacks need a successfully triggered Offhand Attack in order to use them, and MOST (not all) Offhand Attacks need a successful Lead Attack in order to be triggered.

    There are a few Offhand Attacks that do not need a Lead Attack in order to be triggered although a condition must be met, for example, Black Lotus Strike is an Offhand Attack that does not need a Lead Attack, however, in order for the skill to work, your target needs to be hexxed. These types of skills are great to get to Dual Attacks quicker.

    Try using combos that synergize with each other. For example:

    Horns of the Ox and Falling Spider
    Horns of the Ox is a Dual Attack that knocks an opponent down while Falling Spider is an Offhand Attack that can be triggered without the need of a Lead Attack if the enemy is knocked down. Using these skills together, you can use another Dual Attack after Falling Spider since it's an Offhand Attack, leading to more damage.

    Leaping Mantis Sting and Jungle Strike
    Leaping Mantis Sting is a Lead Attack that cripples a foe that is moving while Jungle Strike is an Offhand Attack that increases damage dealt if the target is crippled.

    There are a lot more chains that synergize well but those are just a few. Look at the skills and you can make a good build once you get used to them.

    Hmm..other than that I think everyone pretty much said everything...

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