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Thread: The Deep

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    The Deep

    I made it to Cavalon and this guy is advertising, "Ferrying to The Deep!"
    So I said wth, let's see what it is.. and he took us to an elite mission?
    how did he do that?
    nowhere in my map was I able to find this place.
    Is there any other places just like this?
    If so, is it possible to solo this place?
    please help a noob out thanks.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kalis Pax's Avatar

    Members of the Alliance who "own" the town (through an ungodly amount of faction farming), can invite you to their team, and transport you to the elite mission site. The Deep and the Urzog's Warren are the two elite missions. Once you leave the Deep by mapping to another outpost, you can not return by mapping there - unless you get another ferry. However, if you instead return to your guild hall, you can "leave your hall" and return to the Deep. You cannot map any other outpost. Basically, you park yourself between the elite site and your guild hall. You can also ferry guildies who have been to the Deep, but have mapped to other outposts. Have them join you in the hall, team with them, then "leave your hall".
    Unless ANet fixed this exploit (?), this should still work.

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    Pretty much what the other poster said. To answer your other question, it is impossible to solo this.

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    But I'd like to see you try :)

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