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    I couldn't find it while searching through various threads , so sorry if this has alreayd been posted but I couldn't find it.

    I have a few questions about them.
    How do I get them ?
    What are they ?
    What classes can have them ?
    In what campaign can I get them ?

    well I can't think of any more , I'm sure I had more questions about them , ooh well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    They are gift you get once your character is one year old.

    If you have more than one character they each get a pet when they have their first birthday.

    If you started a character today and then another one in a month, this time next year you would have one minipet and another one coming in a month.

    They are just present, little things that walk around with you whilst you are in 'explorable' areas. They do not help nor hinder your gameplay whatsoever.

    Every class can get them.

    They appear to a charcter from either chapter, as long as they are one year old.

    If you have any further questions check out the guild wars wiki (google it) for fast and very specific answers

    Hope this helps


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    Also, if you have the Factions CE edition, you get given a one off minipet too - the Mini Kuunavang.

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    Actually, for the fastest and the most complete answers to these questions, go to guildwars.com:
    Hahnsoo's Collectors Guide (ver 0.13) and Ranger Guide (ver 0.60), updated for Factions
    Old Guides (Prophecies only): Mesmer Guide, Skills Guide
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