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    SotD 17-7-06 Glyph of Essence/Sacrifice


    Glyph of Essence

    Description: For 15 seconds, your next spell casts instantly but causes you to lose all energy.
    Energy Cost: 5
    Activation Time: 1 Second.
    Recharge Time: 30 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute: None.
    Skill Type: Glyph.

    This spell glyph causes you to lose all energy after any energy gain from attunements. There are a few combos using this glyph, such as fast rebirth ressing since rebirth already causes you to lose all your energy; therefore no loss overall. This glyph can also be used if you have a fast way of regaining huge amount of energy, such as a glyph of essence + long cast exhaustion spells (meteor shower for example) then Second wind (assuming you have enough exhaustion). You can also change to your "Energy hide" set of weapons to save energy.

    A bit like Glyph of Sacrifice, but Glyph of Sacrifice can be used along with Echo/Arcane Echo because the recharge gets refreshed after 20 seconds on an echoed spell:

    Glyph of Sacrifice

    Description: Your next spell may be cast instantly, but takes an additional 30 seconds to recharge.
    Energy Cost: 5
    Activation Time: 1 Second.
    Recharge Time: 15 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute: None.
    Skill Type: Glyph.

    -Instant cast (1/4 sec) for next spell
    -Glyph type and not spell

    -Long recharge glyph (essence)
    -Only one glyph can be used each time
    -Lose all energy (essence)/ Long recharge for next spell (Sacrifice)

    RA/TA - 3/10 (usually used with AoE spells and people can just move out of them)
    AB - 6/10 (Can be good if used well when capping shring or in crowded areas)
    GvG/HA - --/10
    PvE - 7/10 (good if you can use it well)

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    I think a Glyph of Essence could be nice for primary Warriors(Assassins) (with low energy compared to Elementalists) to unleash a spell like MS fast, knock down the foe with a hammer and build up andrenalin while foe is held down with the MS.

    I have not used it any of my primary Ele builds.
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    I'm confused as to which skill/skills your ratings are for - to me, they're definitely not the same skill and can't really be "lumped together".

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    I agree with Aiine, their use is completely different

    glyph of essence is the better of the two by far for pvp
    glyph of sacrifice is the better of the two by far for pve

    Why? Only 2 things can fully ignore recharge for spells. GoR, but glyphs don't stack. And assasin's promise, which can only be used realistically in pve. However in pvp the energy loss isn't nearly as much of a problem, due to various ways to gain energy very fast - an instant 5->50 with second wind, and not much slower with ether prodigy.

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    The ratings are for Essence, because i added Sacrifice after writing the stuff for essence, my bad. :P

    Still, for me the ratings will be similar for the two depending on how you use them, you can use essence with second wind to regain energy, but you can also use sacrifice with an echoed spell; both ways reduce the overall loss.

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