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    Quote Originally Posted by Sitting Sock
    Anyone can beat a mission in GW, but can you beat it as a group without forcing elitists standards on Casual Joe who wants to run his own backwards build? To those like me that's the true heart and soul of GW PvE.
    Well i have always agreed on that, and always encouraged creativity in both PvE and PvP. However - even though i do encourage all kind of fun builds (after all this is a game, fun is #1 element) - i dont like "backwards" builds :)

    That is, i dont mind if a group of friends goes with a handicap build for challenge and/or fun; such as 8 W/Mo paladin builds (Mending, sword etc). But i do mind if someone is running Mending and then explaining to me how awesome it is etc etc. Yes i know you'll disagree :)

    Anyhow, wow, havent played FA for a looong time. I gave up on it. From what u just said it looks like there are still a lot of leechers there, so the map is still unplayable and just causes frustration.. not worth it. I think the map is great, and as you said, less repetitive. It was one of my favorite pvp maps but leechers really killed my desire to play on it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member soulstryke's Avatar

    I've read a lot of people using fire eles; but I've found that a couple minor variations on the old stock water ele is perfect for killing Kurzick NPCs - Ice Spikes to keep them from escaping and Maelstrom so they kill themselves when they cast... it's delicious.

    Quote Originally Posted by rentauri View Post
    Nice guide, has some great points espically this:

    "EoE is your biggest enemy."

    While it ture EoE CAN be used to stall it kills your npcs as well as the enemies and that is bad mojo. I dont know how many times Ive seen a Kurzick ranger use this spirit INSIDE the Green Gate after a breach.

    An intereting killer luxon tactic Ive seen is a luxon streaks in casts EoE as close to the green gate as possible followed by and MM and a couple of tanks. In the resulting battle alot of stuff is leveled and the green gate generally falls. They then streak in to Gunther and repeat.

    For Elementalists it is my primary build. Fire and Airis is were the money is in Aspenwood. Not that you cant have a good water or earth build you can. Fire is prefect for clearing gates and mines and some with burning you get a nice degen. I dont know how man times I destroyed mine guards with an Arcane Echo + Firestorm. Air is amazing not simply because of the spike potential but becuase many of its spells dont require LoS. Monk bonding a gate? Cant see him but can reach him with spells well Lighting Hammer, Lighting Strike and the like can.

    "Ranger. Interrupts for turtle. Run skills for amber (or both of course). Touch rangers are great. I see a lot of rangers standing on the outer wall, shooting with longbow. I guess it works, but take the right skills."

    I would be one. I use a Flatbow for the higher arch, it allows me to clear some structures that many block a shot. About Touch Rangers, I dont like the only because they seem to be a dime a dozen now, they have a serious advantage on the Luxon side. Becuase the gate guards, mine guards, gatebuilders and guther are all staticit is really easy to long on and kill them.

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    i got one:
    when you are a kurzick elementalist a ood method is to use area spells behind the wall. you kill your enimies fast

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