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    The best trash talk is the kind that mocks trash talk. Specifically, the kind that is given - and taken - in good nature. Example:

    ally2: umm... fluffy needs a res.
    ally1: What? ... oh. uhh..
    enemy1: o.O (what in h*ll...?)
    ally1 [Alliance]: I'm using Comfort Animal on Fluffy [Pet]!
    ally2: ... gg ..

    Although rare, I sometimes use "trash talk" to compliment others. If I say "lousy hex breaker -_-" in Local chat, you can interpret it as "wow, good job; I didn't expect to be countered by that".

    Honestly, though, the people who spam things like "Kurdicks" and "Suxons" really don't make a good showing for their own side. That's almost as stupid as the time the US government labeled French Fries as "Freedom Fries" (man, I was embarassed to call myself an American...) Really, do you really think that you're being clever by mixing a crude word with your enemy's name?

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    This group of Luxoners, somehow were on the Kurzick side of AB. And grrr... they eoe bombed us before the AB had even started.

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    I find that the worst players trash talk in ab(I guess to make up for their mediocre play), when I AB I just say hello to the other side and try to have a nice chat with them , but of course some guy starts trash talking and messes everything up . Well at least I try lolz

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    I have a few run-of-the-mill trash talk stories.

    Once in AB, I was playing as a Touch Ranger (Yes, I like the touch ranger build; have a problem?) with some guildies. We're in the midst of things and a few Luxon wammos come up to me and proceed to Throw Dirt on them. The first one goes down easily and says in all chat "u ghey stupid toucher!!!11!!one!!1!uno!1" The second one however is a bit smarter and heads for the warrior shrine. 4 warriors when Throw Dirt is recharging was a bit much for me, so I died. the 2nd warrior then says in all chat "haha I pwnt u by myself *** n00b! hahaahhhahahahhh!" Right. all by yourself.

    One from RA, me still as a toucher. About round 6 I believe. I proceed to go for the monk, one mending wammo beating on me.

    Mending Wammo: z0mg hax, ghey toucher noob! I h8 j00 u stupid n00blet!
    Me: ...
    My Team Memer:Ahem, if I'm not mistaken, I believe there is a "ghey touher noob" on your side as well.
    Mending Wammo: z0mg hax, j00 r all noobs! I am teh reporting j00!
    Mending Wammo: /ragequit

    Oh well, what goes around comes around.

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