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    AMD Snaps up ATI

    ATI is the graphics card of choice for ArenaNet as promoted on the GW packaging and today two hardware powerhouses, AMD and ATI, have joined forces as AMD move to purchase ATI for a whopping 5.4 Billion $US. Quite a big deal this one and it wil be interesting to see how it affects future processor and graphic card developents as well as gamers using ATI cards. More about the deal can be found on ATI's page.
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    Wow, that's huge!

    Short term, won't mean too much, long term it opens up some serious opportunities for hardware advances. :)

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    at most AMD might switch to a red arrow in the logo

    this was well known for about a month now

    AMD is doing it so they can have a "platform" like centrino

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    One wonders how this will affect future AMD / Nvidia partnerships?


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    There is some interesting discusion on slashdot and daily tech about it as well. I hope this ends up being a good thing for the hardware industry but I have doubts about it. Hopefully AMD is mostly interested in some tech rights and will leave ATI alone to compete with nvidia. It will be interesting to see how nvidias relationship with AMD progresses and how integrated graphics and chipsets develop as well. To me this has been one of the most interesting tech news stories in a while.

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    Announcing doesn't mean done deal. Subject to shareholder approval (which on the AMD side I'm not sure is going to fly, but expect it will on the ATI side), and then merger approval in both the U.S. AND Canada (which is no small task).

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    Does that mean we will be seeing AMD logo instead on future GW boxes?

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