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    Retorical question...

    Who owns the content of public webpages?Is it people,who make the content,or it is isp providers or technical staff?(read webmasters)?In mine opinion-neither of them,and not definitely isp-es.technoes might have their world about only how all is implemented,look,javascripts,graphical design and etc.Its more likely cooperatively owned .Although this preticulary one seems sometimes be owned,and i mean OWNED by Arenanet executives

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    No, it's just an Elite Fan Site. Run, operated and managed by Fans.

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    Enduser, you are now just drumming up trouble. Is there any point to this, other than getting purposefully banned, and playing the self-righteous martyr?

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    Yeah..mine point is,someone can actually claim he owns something,if it runs on private owned broadband connection and private owned or leased serverspace

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    I almost dont play Gw anymore,or neither post on forums,so generally i dont actually care,but some responses were surprising."elite"..hmm,i dont like elitism made purpose...If someone feels so happily about it,please ban me for life and afterlife.If so little is needed for happiness,i envy all kinds of moderators,they got happyness real easy

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    Elite fansites are designated by ArenaNet, the owners of this site didn't just make it up to make themselves feel good.

    If you want to know about copyrights I'd suggest Google.

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    Okay enduser, if I have to close another thread, and yes I'm closing this one, created by you with seemingly the sole purpose of stirring up trouble, you'll be getting a few days off from the forums.

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