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    im kinda new in GW.

    I made my first char as Mesmer/Elementalist.
    And i want to know what skills i should focus on and what not to focus on.
    Im focusing on Domination + Illusion + Fire magics.
    And i want to know if that is going to work later in the game?
    Im level 15 now btw.
    And what spells should i focus on from Domination, Illusion etc?
    Right now im using mostly fire spells since i dont know what to use with the 2 others. what is good and not so good?
    And should i just screw fire magic's and focus on mesmer skills?
    so i need some help

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    well for my mesmer i focus on disrupting the enemies actions. pretty much all 3 areas have nice disruption skills and fast casting is also essential. this means ull want to put some points in all mesmer abilities. remember though that as a disruptor, ure job is not to kill things but to stop them from killing things. stopping a meteor shower or a heal party can be just as important as casting one ureself.
    i use (i think..its been a while and im terrible at remembering names :P)
    arcane larceny
    power leak
    power spike
    ether lord (i think..the one that steals energy and heals u)
    power drain
    rebirth (or res signet)
    energy surge (elite)
    i forget the last one...its a degen though.

    using these skills i become a pain in the *** for a caster.

    there are many other things a mesmer can do well though too.
    one thing that pops into my head is maybe use phantasisim (or that one that degens health....dam names :P) and immolate together. that could cause an enemis health to fly down.

    the best thing to do is experiment imho. and remember that no matter what skills u choose, theres always going to be a counter so theres no point going mad over the perfect skill set :P.
    good luck ^^.

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    Okey thanks.
    Im going to experiment some now and see how that turns out.

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