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Thread: USB Pendrives

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    USB Pendrives

    I've been annoyed at the lack of portability with my stuff. I slug the laptop around, but when moving between home and work it is annoying to unlimber it if I just want a few files out of my screenshots folder or want to fiddle with a small snippet of code.

    I've been considering picking up one of the 4 or 8GB USB Pendrives, with the idea of putting my development tools, source code and Guild Wars on it. That will make it easier to simply plug it in, do what I need to do and so forth.

    But, I'm not sure how good the performance of the devices are. Do any of you guys have much experience with them and know if this type of thing would be viable?

    Any replies appreciated!

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    Anandtech compared a whole lot of them back a while ago. 28 pages of stuff and here are their verdicts: click.

    That comparison was done a long time ago, but surmising that the mfg's didn't change the components except the NAND chips used, should still be valid. Performance is reasonable but certainly not lightning-fast. They're meant for transferring stuff from box to box, not used as a pseudo hard drive - if you want that, just grab an external drive.

    [edit] I have a SanDisk Cruzer Mini 512 MB from 1-2 years ago, and have been satisfied with it, even if the performance in Anand's comparo was rather lackluster. I don't use it often but it has been very useful when I do need it.

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    Thaks Seef, that link was useful and interesting. I was actually looking at the Kingston 4GB offering. But, considering the price it might be worth going for the external HDD. The main problem with that is it's not that easy to dangle off a key-chain

    Ok. So I'll go do some research on external HDD and slim-line enclosures.

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    Unfortunately my edit time limit has expired. Apologies for the double post.

    Seef II, what do you reckon about

    EZQuest Monsoon Slim Hard Disk Drive, 100GB, 5400rpm, 8192KB Cache, External, USB 2, Firewire 400

    as an option? (Full details here on the manufacturer's website) The only problem is I'm running a HPx9420 laptop, that's only 4 pin 1394 not 6 pin so if I want to run bus-powered it'll have to be through USB-2. Do you think the performance would be ok on that?

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    Can't say I've heard of the brand. Do you get the major mfg's (Seagate, WD, Hitachi, etc.) down there? You want 7200 rpm and 1394/USB for sure though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seef II
    Can't say I've heard of the brand. Do you get the major mfg's (Seagate, WD, Hitachi, etc.) down there? You want 7200 rpm and 1394/USB for sure though.
    We do get them and I looked at some of the 7200rpm offerings, but they all seem to require external power. I'd be keen to avoid that as I need to go onsite at times where I might not have an easily accessible power plug.

    Ah well, I've asked for more info from the shop about the power cables. Once they get back to me I'll drop a note in here in-case anybody runs into a similar query in the future.

    Thanks Seef!!!

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    Crucial pendrives... they also offer a Life time guarantee ( and they stick to it... I know!)

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    By the way, there's always the in-between option: usually a small, ~4 GB drive that's USB 2.0 about the size of an iPod.

    Click here for an example. But I can't vouch for the performance or reliability of these as I have not used one.

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