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Thread: Scythes

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    9-41 damage. Looks like he's shapeing up to do alot of damage to kiters :o

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    Wild Blow D/W plz~

    A/D "thumpers"?
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    Most interesting.
    The average damage is ever so slightly under that of Hammers and the damage curve is arguably worse too(except if you go for 16 SM and crit heavy builds). Remains to see if it'll swing at Hammer speed or better.
    Only a bunch of hours more and we'll know.

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    It's 25 vs. 27 average damage in favor of hammers if you ignore critical strikes.
    They do the same average damage per hit if they both have 19% chance of critical hits, which is approximately rank 13 in each respective weapon mastery.
    Thus, Scythes do more damage than Hammers.

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    Plus the descrip makes it sound that msot scythe attacks will hit multi enemies.
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