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    Lightbulb Avatar Of Melandru and Chilling Victory ?

    I'm not at home for the moment but while i was looking to this idea comes up to me. I will be glad if someone can try this for me.

    ==> Avatar Of Melandru:For 1...48 seconds, you have +200 Health, you are unaffected by Conditions, and your attacks deal earth damage. This skill is disabled for 120 seconds.

    Used with

    ==> Chilling VictoryIf it hits, this attack strikes for +5...17 damage. Whenever it hits a foe who has less Health than you, all adjacent foes are struck for 5...41 damage. (10/5)

    If avatar of melandru triggers chilling victory it could be a nice combo with the Aoe damage.

    Please try it for me !!!

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    + Conditions dont work on you :S

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    Melandru is kinda beefy with so much HP (easy for the Monk to heal) as well as immune to conditions (can't be crippled, poisoned, diseased, weakened, deeped etc).

    Chilling Victory on top o that will surely bring Victory! :D

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    So this mean AoMelandru triggers chilling victory?

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    I will see if I have that skill with the stock De/Me I pulled up to play; and will edit this post later with the results - which won't be until late this afternoon or tonight on the U.S. East Coast but I'll check it out. I am forcing myself away from the game since I'm working - the new characters are too cool I am **so** not going to ever be able to beat the first two chapters with all these cool events lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenox
    So this mean AoMelandru triggers chilling victory?
    Since Mel have such a high health, most enemies should have less health than you.

    If you are a Derv / Mo, you could even slam on Vital Blessing for 168 more hp heh.

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    Throw in Exhausting Assault for AoE deep wound. And that nasty weakness it usually nails you with? Bah, screw that!

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    Try Vital boon, great self heal, extra health, and low recharge...works well with this.

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    thrill of victory would work too. not too mention all the other tactics stuff could be neat.

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    indeed this is all great for pve , but in pvp i heard that with fragility on you it does massive dmg since when a condition gets applied to you, it comes and goes so it would hit twice real fast and that could seriuosly hurt with a poisen ranger on you , now i don't pvp that much and i'm not sure if there are alot of ppl even bringin that hex but just spreadin some wisdom xD

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