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    There is a reason Dervish is overpowered

    ..and why Assassin was a bit overpowered last preview even before Factions.

    Being overpowered is the way for many to love the class. And if you love the class you're going to buy expansion. "wow this class is great" is much better stimulans than "they are ok..." (for buying new chapter that is). That's the reason why Anet feels it's better to make class somewhat overpowered at first, and then before chapter is out, balance it.

    I dont see any other reason. Let's face it, you cant miss how uber some of their builds are, especially considering Dervish is supposed to be better in pve. Well if they are this good in pvp atm, wow :P

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    The main reason they are "overpowered" is they havn't tested it in the big public and that's one of the reasons they having a Beta Weekend.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Azure Eyes's Avatar

    I think the OP's reason is a lot more likely. Theres no way they didnt see some of these builds coming. Especially the sand shards skill as well as numerous others. Their use was obvious as soon as you read the description. Dervs were intentionally made strong to get the player hooked. If sins were the way they are now compared to the preveiw i would have been much more reluctant to buy factions. Dervs are gonna get hit by the biggest nerf bat seen to date, by the time of release dervs are gonna have 20 armor 10-15 scythes with hammer speed and mysticisms energy gain will be halved and the health dropped altogether.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Bobross's Avatar

    Probably a bit of both...some of the combos are really obvious: just looking at the skills, the potential for abuse just jumps out at you.

    So they must've come up with a bunch of skills, and even the ones where they knew there was a potential for problems, they just threw em all in the pot as is, and decided to let people go to town, they can sift through the data later and tweak, and balance as needed.

    In the meantime, they give people a chance to brainstorm all the crazy abusive things they can do with the skills, and get really excited about the game. Win/Win! Then they'll tone it down some before the next preview event, and then nerf the hell out of them right before the game is released, so that everyone that plays other classes doesn't get fed up and quit. Makes sense to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freaking healer II
    The main reason they are "overpowered" is they havn't tested it in the big public and that's one of the reasons they having a Beta Weekend.
    Oh come on, let's be honest. What are the chances that an average or i dunno, above avg (but not l33t) GW player can figger out obvious overpowered skills after... like 2sec? Do you really think a skill designer couldnt see that some skills are definitely overpowered? I dont think so :)

    It is true that there are skills which prove average or nothing special, and then suddenly they are overpowered because game designed overlooked a possible strong combo. But with some skills it is so very obvious they are overpowered. Look at Lightning spear Paragon skill, which they even put in premade :) It is very superior to any bow skill, by far. And it is spammable with 2sec recharge. "Overlooked"? Nah :P

    and that's one of the reasons they having a Beta Weekend.
    But by far not the most important one. The #1 reason is a promotion of the game. That's also reason #2-#9 :)

    I havent noticed we can "test" the "balance" of skills which will be added to existing professions :) And, if balance is such an issue, im sure we would be given than option.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Eyes
    Dervs are gonna get hit by the biggest nerf bat seen to date
    Im afraid that's exactly what will happen :) But, i dont think they need to be nerfed that bad for pvp. However..... in pve im afraid, due to the nature of AI and mob configuration, that they will be way superior to warriors.

    How many mobs have you seen using Gaze of Contempt? Very few, and only in Factions. Even then, Dervish gains energy when his enchants are removed (expired) and can re-spam some. On the other hand, if they aint removed, he remains very powerful. Aside of Gaze of Contempt, i dont think any enchant removal will suffice on pve mobs. No Prophecy mob, for instance, can remove enchants as fast as solo Dervish can put them. IMO. I still have to test tho... it's a bit early to tell.

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    gotta kinda agree

    when premades easily predate arenas, then there is something wrong... It kinda cant be bad testing, and nor it can be unaviability of counters...

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    GWOnline.Net Member tommynj's Avatar

    Dervish was never overpowered to begin with cause this was only beta testing as stated many times before.

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    Wow you're ingenious. You obviously dont understand that beta testing has nothing to do with word overpowered do you? In that beta test, the beta Dervish could play against non-beta something else, and pwn. When someone lost in Heroes Ascent because Dervish was blatantly overpowered, why didnt you explain to them "oh you actually won, these were beta dervishes, they are imaginary". And when people gained fame by winning in HoH, why didnt you explain to them "these are imaginary fame points which will disappear once dervish isnt beta anymore".

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    Don't forget that some of the Skales were Dervishes and had enchantment rending attack skills.

    Which did not bother me that much actually, after all you get back some energy and the bonus effect usually.

    I agree, overpowering a class in preview events is a good way to promote it. It also gives them the licence to kill when people post how overpowered a build/class is. They are basically requesting a nerf of their class and kinda expect it, too.

    After all that praise for the Dervish the health gain of Mysticism is now a joke, 1 per level, brr. But I am still glad that they can still walk without a cane, after all that praise and whine and requests to nerf them we can be glad that the class still exists.

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    I think it is a lot easier to justify nerfing a class that needs it, then boasting a class that needs it. In the public eye it could be seen as favoritism if boasts were given out to a certain class. If they nerfed a class, instead of having the people who play every other class in an uproar, which comes with boasts, you only have the people who play that class complaining.
    Promoting could be another reason they wanted the class strong.

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