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    Necro on 1 vs 1.

    Can anyone post a build that could be useful to diffrent types of foes 1 vs 1?
    Thanks in advice.

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    well whenever some ppl in my guild brag about their CRAAAZY skills (the ppl who do this are usually warriors), i shut them up with a n/e warder.

    this build isnt invincible, but its very annoying for a warrior in 1v1. cast the wards, hit him with both hexes, and just run around and let him degen himself to death. it also helps to just bspike him a bit.

    awaken the blood
    life transfer
    life siphon
    vamp gaze
    ward against melee
    ward against foes
    dark pact
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    There's tons of variations that can be done, but for the most part go blood 16 curse 13. The good curse spells last a while without high skill level, so the higher blood helps even durations out, while maximizing healing ability. In every variation use life siphon, vamp gaze, dark pact, Faintheartedness if curse is used. If against physical attackers use enfeeble, touch of agony, life transfer, and maybe parasitic. Or swap parasitic out with enfeebling touch for condition removers, or gale for fighting touch rangers.

    Against general casters changing the elite to soul leech works, though against people who aren't clueless it will most likely end with them running for a while, so if they do, be prepared to siphon/faint hex them for 6 degen, and apply soul leech as needed. They either die or keep running like an idiot. Either way the winner is kinda obvious.

    Against mesmers and that spammable spell interrupt, changing the skill set is generally best. You can still go the transfer/siphon/gale route, but usually will have to gale before any long cast which is annoying. An easier route is to bring both vamp touch and vamp bite, touch of agony, barbed signet, life siphon, offering of blood, parasitic bond, and vamp gaze or faintheartedness. Watching them spam spell interrupts against the first 4 which aren't spells gives you a special feeling. Oob is useful for wasting interrupts as well, since it is 1/4 cast. Also gives a free vamp touch for you to use essentially. Siphon if you see them casting a long spell, or try to get one off in the beginning. Parasitic as a cheapy hex that can end up giving good healing. Works well against IW that spams that one annoying interrupt that recharges in 5 seconds.

    In all cases bring normal set, and a set of the 15 extra energy to the match. Feel free to swap when you start getting low, there's no reason to save up in a 1 on 1 since there is no one left to kill afterwards.

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