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    Dervish standing stance is cool!!

    Gonna love it!!!. The standing stance say something like "I dont care how much you are!!. Come here and i'll send your soul to the gods" :P

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    Hmmm Nice.
    I cant wait til it get available for PVE
    (yeah sorry pve junkie til the grave)

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    I like it too

    I have noticed that too, and I love that stance. Nice how she uses it after doing something - it gives me a "yes, he's dead, what did you expect?" feeling.


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    Ya i love it. It's Darth Maul stance from Episode1, when the gate opens and Obi Wan n Qui Gon Jin (what's his spelling) run into him.

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    They kinda stop attacking when u do any skills which puts u into that pose. So u have to get them to start attacking again, just slightly annoying.

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