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    Fun, Original Necro Build (If there is such a thing)

    So I was just messing around with pvp character generation and I decided I liked grenth's balance. Ok. it only goes on from there

    Attrib points:
    blood magic: 13
    death magic: 13
    soul reaping: 9

    Elite skill -grenth's balance
    dark pact
    touch of agony
    dark aura
    blood renewal
    awaken the blood
    taste of pain
    res signet

    This build requires a lot of skill to play, so dont expect this to be the next toucher. use grenth's balance comboed with your sacrifice and damage skills to wreak havoc. blood renewal with awaken the blood and dark aura takes away a huge chunk of damage, so it's great for using right before grenth's. one good part of this build is that it can stay in the battle full time, it doesn't have to run away and recharge.

    after using grenth's balance, use touch of agony and the enemy will be below 50% hp. your blood renewal will end, and taste of death is usable. spam your dark bomber skills until it's time for you to either:
    heal yourself
    use grenth's balance again (every 10 seconds)

    but yeah, you can flame if you want, it's no sort of ultimate build, it's just fun

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    Not flamming. I used to have a similar build, wich worked as long as I wasn't targeted : (. That's the downside, this build won't survive long if targetted by War/Ran/Ele.

    Grenth's Balance is great in this build. If you feel like trying something else, bring Well of Power instead. And drop the Awaken. It sure pumps up your blood magic but makes your kill yourself at supersonic speed. Why not use Barbed Signet, Jaundiced Gaze... they all sacrifice health.

    Experiment and please let us know, this build used to be fun and could well be the next fad in random arena.

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    It's definitely fun to use a Grenth's Balance build,
    but I'm afraid you don't get any points for originality,
    in fact, variations of this have been around since almost a year ago
    when Anet decreased the Recharge Time on the skill.

    For Example check this thread out.
    A Grenth's Balance Build

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