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    GWOnline.Net Member MrRock's Avatar


    Echo Bard Singer Build

    For those fledgling Paragons out there. Heres a build I've been using and it has gotten me 3 gladiator points so far.

    Echo Bard Singer (Yea I played a Bard in EQ)

    Ballad of Restoration
    Anthem of Flames
    "Watch Yourself!"
    Signet of Synergy
    Finale of Restoration
    Burning Refrain
    Mending Refrain
    Rez Sig

    Strangely enough, I don't really care for the elites they have given us to use so this build actually dose not have one.

    3 Tactics
    12+4 Motivation
    12+1 Leadership


    Start off with buffing everyone with Burning Refrain and Mending Refrain. Use Anthem of flame and Ballad of Restoration to keep refreshing them until your fight. Put Finale Restoration on the soft targets.

    During the fighting keep refreshing your chants, they will keep your echo's up indefinitely. If someone is being targeted put Finale on them and use your Signet on them. "Watch Yourself!", should be recharging quickly if you are attacking also.

    Basically you should be continuously healing your allies, providing protection from attacks and causing continuous burning damage to enemies. Hopefully with Nightfall release we will see other good echos.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Azgalon's Avatar

    Sounds like an EQ-Bard ventured into the World of GuildWars!

    Perfect MrRock! :D

    What's funny is that both Bards and Warriors could wear plate in EQ and in GW they both have high armor as well!

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    GWOnline.Net Member MrRock's Avatar

    Well actually. That was years ago. I took a few stops in between.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Jhanto Gun's Avatar

    nice build there, will try it out somewhere along the line. also, leaders comfort is a very nice self heal, it helps a lot when under fire (many times I survived against 2 or more dervish and/or warriors hitting me, this is one of the reasons).

    btw...lots of this shouts, echo and chants have long casting times, so easy to be interupted. might change to mes secondary, to help that part out. under heavy hexes is also a problem to me.
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    GWOnline.Net Member MrRock's Avatar

    Thats why "Watch Yourself!" is important. It does come in hand, helps out a lot and cannot be interrupted.

    The chants In my opinion need to be quicker

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    Fun and effective build to play. 19 arena wins on the first try. Nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRock
    The chants In my opinion need to be quicker

    Yes, the constant 1 second cast of the chants really limits what you can do at a time with the Paragon. I feel like I'm rooted to 1 spot constantly spamming chants and echos on my party members. If I'm the only support in the group, I wanna be able to do just that: support my group. A monk has a rediculous amount of support capabilities, yet can once in a while whip out some *decent* damage as a smite spec.

    However, if I'm full support I'm always always busy casting, which limits my options in an emergency. If I see a teamate dropping QUICK, I need to sacrifice that teammate to buff the next in the assist train to better that teammate's chance of survivability. A monk has an ability to nullify spikes almost completely (unless they're very well-organized. TA and HA monks have to be on their toes at all times) whereas my paragon can sort of some-what soften the blow to just a jab instead of a haymaker.

    I also played a bard in EQ and I loved the class to death. I have yet to find another game that comes close to the pure fun, depth, and constant energy required to play one. DAoC's pet minstrel comes close, but playing that game for 2 years gave me massive carple tunnel. More so then EQ that is

    So far I've loved the paragon but feel frustrated about the limitations to chants and echos. My experiences in RA go from having an awsome group with me as support just roll the other group (boon prot and all; thank you templates! You've given me noob monks to roll! ) to having my group wiped in less than a minute; all with the same team.

    Somewhere along those lines I feel that if my chants or echos were a bit more effective I think the extremities of group performance would be a bit closer each round. This is all limited experience of just one and a half day of playing the Paragon, and despite the unforgiving limitations, I'm having more fun with my Paragon than with many of the Dervish builds I've ran. This coming from a player who's first character was named "Whirling Dirvish" over a year ago.

    Thank you Anet for giving me a character that's actually a joy to play in combat. Never a dull moment with the paragon

    *Steps off soapbox*

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    nice build..but unfortunately i dont ahve the skills to make it :(

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Hands down one of the most fun builds ive pla yed so far...

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    I would totally do this, but the pvp weekend is almost over, dunno if i can get 3k faction and be able to play the build enough to get a glad point or 2 in only 4 hours.

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