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    Post New Recruition Wave

    Hello and thanks for reading,

    We are currently recruiting thoughtful, mature, and friendly people to help build a community of friends in our new Guild that we have made. Since our first guild has been disbanded.... we have moved several of our officers to a new guild with the same philosophy of our old guild.

    The name of the Guild is the Society of the Dragon.

    We have players in GvG/Hoh, do missions and runs together, and have all the normal things that guilds have. We are a varied guild. We put an equal emphasis on PvE as well as GvG and PvP. To this date our foray into the GvG arena has been strictly spur of the moment pick up groups; however, with the growth of the guild, more players have developed strong interest in this area of the game and we have recently created a dedicated GvG team to compliment our CONTINUING PUG GvG’s.

    Leadership and Recruition

    Just to let you know, our leader is a young man. He has been a guild leader since day one of the game, making an attempt to get to know each and everyone of our members. We dont openly recruit in the game often and most members are referrals or friends of guildees. To me that tells me a little about the success of the guild. We generally try to keep a ratio of officers to members in the neighborhood of 1:10.

    If someone posts here its because they are serious about who they will let in to the guild. Also, if a potential recruit takes the time to posts in the forum, it means he is willing to get involved with the community. Nonetheless, we ask that you join us and take a week or two to play with us, enjoy our company and vice--versa. With the beginning of our guild, we are inducting all recruits for the trial period and, after that , considerations of time zone and space constraints will decide if you stay put. Within those 2 weeks there should be a consensus and feel to whether you are a fit, as well as whether you enjoy our playership. If you decide to leave, just post on SoD forums and say goodbye. If you leave, then I probably will whisper you, and youll be on my friends list for ages...

    Maturity is always the key to the success of the guild.

    Our officers do not put pressures on our guild members. This is a game to have fun, and the guild is there as community support. We have had guild members leave and within 2 weeks come back because they cant seem to fit in a new guild, or they miss their mates. Yes, we do have some inactives, but I have also seen them recycle back in. I know they have a real life; but when they come in, they are still a member. If their inactivity reaches a ridiculous point, then action will be taken.

    Heres a little information...

    Our guild was formed to assist our members in getting through the missions and quests, and to have a sense of community. We are both PvE and GvG oriented. Right now, many players are opening up their skills to be more effective with GvG and we are practicing several times a week and playing rated. We do have active PvP Officers,as well as PvE, and a committee of members dedicated in coming up with team builds who are working in getting the Guild involved in GvG, and active in HA/HoH. A majority of members have characters that have completed the game and are happy to help others when they can.

    At least a couple of days a week, we will pull a team together to do Fissure/UW runs, SF and missions. As you can see, we have a mix of both types of players, but we believe its important to get the guild to play together.

    We currently have an Isle of Meditation hall, an established vent server, and website with forums!!

    If you want to contact me IGN = Queen Roxane , contact one of the following officers,

    Elessa Fariel
    Rennard Shadowsbane
    Djinn Vizier
    Nex Violentus
    Ang Strom

    or check out our website at

    http://guildwars.hypng.net/ and click the join us link!

    Look forward to hearing from you!!

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