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    My age is around 24-25 . I am not an artist . Do you think that i can start drawing form now and i will be good artist in 1 or 2 year. I am a journalist also. So you can guess how time i be able to give my drawing. What is your opinion. Please tell me.
    I only started drawing when I was 33(cough) from 2008 when I started playing GW and my initial drawings were all GW related. Now I am not a professional artist yet but let's say that I am reasonably confident about my drawing. Consider that I havn't done much too often in the recent year, most of my improvement was made in the first year and half.

    I think for this it doesn't matter when you start. the drive is more important.
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    Use different layers for different colors. Using groups for the layers can help keep you organized. My layout is usually a group for Body, where the skin, hair, and eye colors go; Undyable for the parts of the armor that are not dyable; Dyable, for the parts of the armor that can be dyed. In this case, the dervish doesn’t have any hair showing, so I don’t have a layer for his hair.

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