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    I was wondering what skills to use when vermin farming with a sword. OR what weapons works best and what skills thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Holy
    I was wondering what skills to use when vermin farming with a sword. OR what weapons works best and what skills thanks!
    yah ive also been looking for a build for this but dunno what to use yet

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    Well you need something to avoid the knockdowns, since dolyaks is prophecies only you will need to use balanced stance. Your next obstacle will be countering the degen, the W/Mo build does this by having live vic. and vig spirit out heal the degen, but again both of these are prophecies only. So i can't think of a way to sufficiently heal yourself, all the good self heals that i think might work here are prohecies only (ie healing hands, meladrus resilience)

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    so basically there is no way u can farm vermin in factions

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    Healing Breeze
    Healing Touch
    Remove Hex? (Degen comes from Seeping Wound, yes?)
    Mend Ailment (for conditions)
    Balanced Stances (knockdowns)
    Server Artery
    Standing Slash
    Silverwing Slash

    Just a thought - note i never have done a vermin's run as of yet. So I'm just guessing here. Hopefully a veteran can make it better.

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    I'll just quote myself from an older thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Buddah
    Limited to factions alone hurts, but I think I could work something up. Too bad I have only a clue what are all the core skills for the classes, only can think of some. I'll try to use guildwiki for reference as I put this together so blame them if a skill I list isn't in Factions. Lacking Dolyak Signet and Bonneti's Defense are real painful for many farm builds.

    --Vermin Farming--
    Shield Bash
    "On Your Knees!"
    Balanced Stance - avoiding being KD at all times. Also for the -2 stance shield mod
    Cyclone Axe
    Triple Chop
    Penetrating Chop/Furious Axe/Executioner's Strike
    Healing Breeze/Heal Sig

    Axe: 14-16
    Tactics: 11
    Healing: 8
    Strength: whatever is left

    Use a Zealous Axe of Defense for this with -2 enchanted shield, the second shield mod can -3 hexed or -2 stance if possible or just the simple +45 health when enchanted. Learn to use Shield Bash and "On Your Knees!" to keep Balanced Stance alway recharged and maintain the stance at all times in combat. The lose of Live Viciarously and/or Vigorous Spirit really hurts, so you'll be forced to heal in combat.

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