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Poll: Level 20: What was/is more important?

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    Level 20: Which is more important? The journey or the feat?

    You've reached level 20. Step back for a moment and look at RPG games like GW, what did or do you enjoy more: the process of getting to level 20 (leveling, questing, and possibly a bit of grinding) or the feat of being level 20 (end-game quests and item/fame accumulation)?

    I leave out exploration from the possible things you can do at level 20 and while leveling to level 20 as exploration can really be done at any level. In fact, I usually fully explore an area before moving on to the next area.

    As for my question, I prefer the process. So to some, I like the "grind," but I think that labelling me as a "grinder" is unfair. It is more accurate to say that I enjoy getting to level 20... consequently, anything that enriches the leveling process is a definite plus to me. In some cases, this includes the grind.

    What about you guys? Are you sometimes sad to see a character reach level 20 so quickly? Have you ever just sat in Shing Jea monastery or pre-searing for just a bit longer to enjoy the "leveling" atmosphere?

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    In GWP I enjoyed the journey more. I made many characters got them to level 20 and realized that that character didn't suit me so I remade another. Some may find it repetitive but it was fun for me.
    In GWF, on the other hand, I HATED the journey, and the feat wasn't much either since you leveled so fast. I ended up only completing one Factions character because going through the city was just too boring and frustrating for me. I still wish for all my characters to be able to enjoy Fort Aspenwood and the sights of the Petrified Forest and Jade Sea but I don't have the patience.

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    I love the journey. I purposely slowed down playing my Factions characters so that they could be take longer to reach 20. It just feels like more of an accomplishment when you take a long time to do it.
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    I agree,

    Chapter One - Fun process
    Chapter Two - Excruciatinly dry and frustrated process

    As someone who has/had +50 level 20s (I have a weird fixation of making and deleting characters) after a while, you just want to get there and be done with it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sectus's Avatar

    I just want to play the game, I don't care what my character level is. I don't like being forced to play longer in an area because I'm low level, or being forced to play faster than I'd like because my level is too high for the area I'm in. I think Factions did the right thing, making 80% of the game play as if you have no character level.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Jhanto Gun's Avatar

    you should have included both option in your poll. I have fun during the journey and the endgame (from getting better weapons to farming).

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    GWOnline.Net Member Erasculio's Avatar


    The feat, if anything

    I think it's more important to reach level 20 and then really play the game. I still see everything below level 20 as a tutorial - the real thing, for me, begins after that.

    (No surprise that I was happy with the fast progression in Factions - it meant less time in the tutorial, more in the real game. This not only made my Cantha characters evolve quickly, but it also meant that my old level 20 Tyrians could play almost all of Factions for real, not as if they were walking around killing level 2 Bog Scales with one hit.)


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    I usually don't have much time for Guild Wars, so the actual feat of getting a character to 20 is something that makes me feel acomplished.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Cacheelma's Avatar

    With pvp, level discriminations, and maybe my own frustation of not having enough attribute points to get the build I want, I prefer the faster process of Factions.

    Come to think of it, the main reason why I only made one role-playing character in Tyria over the past year is because I can't stand playing all the way from Pre-Searing Ascalon to.....what... Ice Cave of Moladune (Ascansion included) in order to be "fully developed" character by myself (that is, without any runnings) AGAIN. Maybe because I've repeated them too many times during BWEs, and the difficulty of the desert area doesn't really help much. Just once, and I've had it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    The journey, definitely. I've dragged 6 characters kicking and screaming through the game (with 2 more on the way), doing everything fully other than a couple of self-runs through the longer parts of Kryta and Maguuma.

    I was loathe to bring my mesmer over to Post-Searing, since she's my last character that'll get to experience Pre. Though I'm anxious to see how mesmers work at level 20, I'm still taking my time and doing the low-level areas thoroughly, just like my other five Prophecies characters- currently at Piken/Nolani at level 10

    My ritualist (my other recently-created character) is already level 16, simply because there isn't much of a journey in Factions- more like a stroll down the road, only to get assaulted by level 20 Afflicted Assassin highway bandits at the end. Brought him over to Tyria, and he'll probably spend the balance of his pre-20 career there.

    I think that the people who want to rush to the endgame content (15k Shiverpeaks armor, FoW/UW, Luxon/Kurzick areas, elite missions) just don't get it- they're bypassing like 80-90% of the PvE content in the process. And really, what's the point of the game if you don't want to play most of it?

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