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    Meaning of the word tank

    Ok, now I go into mission outposts and groups call out glf tank or I see lfg tank! Well it seems that people don't actually understand what a tank is, because over half the tanks I see bring a skillbar full of offensive skills.

    A tank is someone who can take alot of damage and SURVIVE. This means that instead of filling up your skillbar with 4 or 5 axe attacks, you should invest some points in tactics and bring along some defensive skills.

    I know people have been bringing mostly offensive skills because they keep dying. A tank is not a damage dealer. They are there to take the hits for the team. If you intend to yell out "tank lfg!" then bring along some skills that are defensive in nature. So I'm going to share some excellent skills and skill combinations to use with your warrior.

    NOTE: These are for pve

    1. For a w/e
    Invest in either water magic or earth magic and bring along armor of earth, or armor of mist. This will significantly decrease the amount of damage you take. Brign along a signet of healing and use that in conjunction with armor of earth and you will have an effective build.

    2. For a w/me
    Placing points in inspiration magic is key. Knowing what type of elemental damage you are going to be taking (example: vizunah square mission you will be taking on alot of fire damage from kindle arrows and from ele nukers) will allow you to prepare by bringing mantra of flame, which reduces all fire damage by x% and gives you energy each time you take fire damage. Then you can also bring along ether feast, which is a great healing spell. W/Me is an extremely good class to use for someone who is experienced enough to know how to use it.

    3. For a w/n
    I know what you are thinking, what defensive skills can I possible bring along for this? Invest in tactics mainly, and bring along plague touch. Being able to siphon off conditions is nothing to sneeze at. You can also bring bonetti's defense and combine that with vampiric touch or vampiric bite to get energy to use the skill as a good self heal.

    4. W/Mo
    The one that dies the most for some odd reason. here is my favorite build for this character: Mending, Watchful Spirit, purge signet, resurrection, rush, and some attack skills that require adrenaline. This guy is damned useful because you get a +5 perma health regen and the ability to strip ALL hexes and conditions off of you with purge signet. And all without needing to use any energy at all, except to maintain mending and watchful spirit.

    5. W/R
    There are several strategies for this. Troll ungent is one of course. Others are to use skills like tigers fury in conjunction with a vampiric weapon predatory season. This class is probably a better offensive character than a tank, but you can still find some good defensive skills to use.

    6. W/A
    This one should be obvious. Use skills like shadow shroud to avoid attacks below 50% health and deaths charge or heart of shadow to gain some health back. If used correctly, (which takes some practice) you can avoid damage or gain it back through shadow stepping to stay alive longer.

    7. W/Rt
    Wow, can anyone else say "weapon spells"? You could also put down a spirit like shadowsong to help you avoid taking damage vs physical foes, but I found the weapon spells of the rit to be very helpful indeed. Weapon of Warding was especially nice. Item spells that increase armor, or avoid damage, or heal you when you drop them, are also great skills.

    Now I hope some people read this and actually use the information provided. I know it isn't the perfect guide to tanking, but I was just trying to drop some hints for you Oh and btw, an old guild m8 somehow made a w/n that soloes FoW and I have no idea how I'll ask him if I ever see him around again, because whatever he was using had great defense with some nice offense combined.

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    but how should a tank get all the aggro on him? always when i try to tank they just go after our monks and eles....

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    You need to tell your non-tanks to stay back for a few seconds; you'd be surprised how easy it is to effectively acquire all the aggro when they do this, and you'd be equally surprised how few people have the patience to stand still for the 5 or 10 seconds required for a tank to acquire and hold aggro before they move in to cast.

    Basically, once you aggro an AI entity, any party member within your aggro circle is 'detected' by the AI, and if weaker than you, becomes the AI's primary target. You need everyone to say out of your aggro circle when you initially draw the AI's attention; once they clump on you, and are fixated on you, then the rest of your party should move in.

    If your party really wants you to tank, and say as much, you should be adamant about drawing lines on the map to show them where they cannot pass until you've acquired aggro. If they're not going to play along with that, tell them there's no way you can acquire aggro and that if they get mobbed it's their fault.

    Playing in the traditional tanking role, you should be able to remain alive, unassisted, for a little while, long enough to draw and hold aggro without any of your party members having to come cast on you.

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    Drawing lines doesn't work for PUG's, and no one likes to wait for even 1 second. Even Glad's Defense and the Riposte's aren't that effective anymore. Before the AI change, I used to only give my Warrior only 2 offensive skills. Now I'm forced to bring "Watch Yourself" and Healing Signet as my only defensive skills. Times have changed.

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    Yes,it's extremely difficult to play a tank in a PUG because 90% of them don't know what aggro is or ignore your demands to stay back...that's why i mainly go offensive now(and that's why all those 'tanks' crying wolf is talking about go offensive).But of course I don't go in a fight without bringing 'Watch yourself'.

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    I usually do not need more than "Watch Yourself" (even with Henchmen), though for a few of the Titan quests I did bring Dolyak's Signet.

    As a Warrior/Monk, I would not use Mending and Watchful Spirit. Move the Healing Prayer attribute points into Tactics, and bring "Watch Yourself" and Healing Signet (and if needed, Dolyak's Signet).

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    mending? in cantha? pshaw you must be mad (not that i like mending anyway, in fact i hate it)

    useful guide though i wish more people understood this

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    Well, you cover mending with watchful spirit so that when watchful gets removed you are actually healed for 30 points (not much I know) and you still have mending on.

    So far I have very little problem in pugs if I am the only tank I threaten to leave if they don't listen.

    Yes, in Cantha, things are different. Hexes and enchantments are not as effective on enemy mobs as in prophecies because of removal skills. In fact, the W/Mo, while being the most effective class combo in prophecies almost, is actually taking a backseat to W/N and W/Me in Factions. Not in popularity of course, but I am finding far more uses for a W/Me in Cantha. Amazing defensive skills there.

    Isn't Dolyak's Signet a strength skill? Well, also if you combine dolyaks signet with armor of earth, your tank becomes practically invincible for a short while. Long enough for you to aquire aggro at least.

    I know it can be difficult to have your team do things a certain way, but if tell them to have the casters in the backlines, the rangers and assassins in the midline, and the tanks up front, they tend to listen more for some reason. Well, it really is up to you to convince them to listen.

    Disgruntled Archtiect basically said it all on aquiring aggro. You run in, survive for about 5-10 seconds on your own till the monk can heal you (having rit spirits and protective spells or weapon spells on you will help alot in helping you survive), and you have aggro. One more thing to note though, aggro will not stay on you if the monsters get caught in an aoe. They will break off and run for other targets after a few seconds. That's the main reason I like to have something other than fire eles along most of the time. (mesmers ftw)

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    You need to tell your non-tanks to stay back for a few seconds
    impossible. unless its a organized group aka guild or alliance buddies. 90% of the general public wouldnt know what good aggro management was if it bit them in the arse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crying wolf
    Isn't Dolyak's Signet a strength skill? Well, also if you combine dolyaks signet with armor of earth, your tank becomes practically invincible for a short while. Long enough for you to aquire aggro at least.
    "Watch Yourself" and Dolyak Signet should be more than enough defense, even with Henchmen healers.

    The only time I even needed both was in a few of the Titan quests, where you receive a LOT of damage.

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