Please Note:As this isn't a hardware enthusiast forum like the ones at Anandtech, [H]ard|OCP, or XtremeSystems much of this is pretty general and won't delve into nitty-gritty stuff like the difference between RAID 5 and RAID 10. But if you have questions on stuff like that, you can ask here. As a general rule, higher numbers are better, unless those numbers are prices.

I. Game and Computer Issues
So GW isn't playing nice, your connection is cranky, or you're getting popups everywhere you shouldn't be getting them. Before hitting submit post, please try to see if:
  • the problem is reproducible,
  • the problem occurs with other games or applications, and
  • if others have reported the same issue - do a forum or Google search.
Knowing these things can help any of the technical-minded forumites to diagnose and hopefully fix up the issue quickly, so we don't waste your and our time. You can help more by giving us more details about your problem. I'm not going to say that all of these are required, but your specs certainly do help and a generic "Help me, my computer restarts" can be caused by very many things.

If you're not that computer-savvy, it's okay, we are here to help, and don't be intimidated. Even realizing that, say, your display is corrupting and that's not normal can narrow the problem down to the video subsystem of your computer.

When posting, it's best if you:
  • give us a full description of your problem. Any blue screens (if so, what's the STOP message?)? GW crashing to desktop? Random reboots?
  • tell us your computer specifications. Applications like CPU-z can help you find out what those are.
  • post which ISP and connection type you have
  • tell us whether or not you have filed a support ticket and if you have received any responses
  • have any background apps running. Spyware is bad. Antivirus (AV) is good. Do you have Vent or Winamp running in the background while on GW?
  • note any steps you have taken try to fix the problem on your own
Details like PC brand, CPU, Motherboard brand, Chipset, Video card brand/model, amount of system memory, Windows version and Wattage on power supply are helpful. Some other things that may also be asked include: DirectX version, ambient room temperature, when you last opened the case to clean out the dust and so forth. The technical forumites will ask if more information is required.

Armed with it, we are better able to recommend remedies!

II. Upgrade advice
If you are wanting to upgrade your computer, the hardware enthusiasts that post here can help. Naturally, you will want to tell us:
  • your current system specifications and available slots,
  • your plans for upgrade, including the intended use of your computer;
  • your budget (very important!),
  • the type of system you are interested in, and
  • any other special circumstances or needs we need to be aware of. Using Grandma's box? No overclocking, then, probably.
Be aware that everyone's opinion is going to differ. For instance, if you want a $200 desktop CPU [at the time of this writing], some will recommend an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300; others will tell you to go with the AMD Athlon X2 4200+. Depending on what your needs are, we'll throw our two cents in. One thing you need to know is that GW is not really a system hog like Battlefield 2 or Oblivion. It does, however, require these minimum specifications.

Note: If you have any additions you wish to make, PM one of the mods for this forum.

Many thanks to Seef II who wrote this guide for the forum!